Interview in the B&H studio

Before my recent lecture at the B&H Event Space, David Brommer took me in for a fun interview where we discussed everything from how I use light to what I’d do on a deserted island. Watch it below:

Caroline Anne - but I think it could have been improved if Ryan wasn’t wearing a shirt.


Ryan Brenizer - Haha next time.

Robin Brenizer - Nice job Ryan! You look great:)

Matthias Wassermann - perfect choice for the island. 35mm and 85mm are just enough for most situations. My first lens I ever owned was a 85mm f1.8 from Minolta back in the old days this was!

Luiz Carlos - Thank them! I knew you because of this video.

Hugs from Brazil!

Ginger - Seriously, it is so unfair that one person can have so much talent and be kind and funny too! You are such an inspiration. Love your work.

Ryan Brenizer - Awww, thank you!

Doug Brenizer - I’ll have a scotch on the rocks. Any scotch will do as long as it’s not a blend of course. Single malt Glenlivet, Glenfiddich perhaps maybe a Glen… any Glen.”