Scenes from a Workshop

In late October, a gaggle of photographers descended upon midtown Manhattan to make mischief and bounce around all sorts of photographic techniques. It’s always a bit of a trick to recap a workshop without re-teaching it, and when so many of the images were created primarily to teach some sort of lesson, but here are some slices of two fantastic days. I taught everything from lots of talky-talk about the business of photography to advanced techniques like the Brenizer method, flash composites, freelensing, intricate light-shaping, dealing with lack of time, different environments — even how to do an entire portrait session while the clients have to stand in one spot! (I had to deal with that one on a rainy wedding day this year).

Thanks so much to all the fantastic photographers who came, to Valerie, who came from Oklahoma and also supplied the dapper male model Brandon, but beyond all else thank you to Wendy, who made the studio look fabulous, who supplied models and who even posed before the camera herself in all of her jumping glory — and mostly for putting up with so many of us crazy photographers for a weekend.

Along the way we broke onto my roof and found out “Hey, this is pretty cool!” So we’ve all learned valuable lessons.

Want to hear more? I’m speaking at B&H on Thursday. It’s apparently sold out (which is nuts because this is the first time I’ve even mentioned it on the blog!), but there is a wait list. More workshops to come in the late winter.

Ryan Brenizer - @paul: indeed. muahahaha.

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - The last two are the best:)

Kent Skibstad - The picture & story looks sooo much better in this wordpress format, than on facebook. The pictures themself looks way better, guess FB does some wacko thing with the photos. Amazing work, as always, looks like great fun & learningful experience.

Reese - I sooo wish I could attend one of your workshops Ryan! Fantastic behind the scenes photos…I esp. love the group flash composite shot and the rooftop image of Valerie and Brandon!

Shannon Wimberly - I cannot begin to say how much your work has affected me tonight….. I know it has changes many a paradigm for me. Thank You! LOve it ALL! Especially Lemonade out of Lemons! wow…..

Rima - Not jealous at all!!!

Craig Cacchioli - Come on Ryan… tell us. Are you using a tilt-shift or lensbaby to get these wild DOF effects or is this post-production?

Matthias Römer - Maybe i´m from – but my biggest inspiration is Ryans work. Anything esle is 2nd :-)