Panorama on the sly

111120 193838 85mm f1 6

It’s not often that I can pull off a candid “Brenizer method” panorama, but here’s a 10-photo image from when the couple took a break at their Stage 6 at Steiner Studios wedding reception to spend a minute alone with the skyline. Like any extreme panorama, it reads best in very large sizes, so here it is in exactly one percent of the original area. One adage of panoramas is that at any given print size you’re compressing out the noise, handy at ISO 10,000.

10 photos with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4.

Ryan Smith - Awesome like always. I need to start trying to pull this off again myself, I’ve never been able to get it quite right.

Ranjan Ray - Always great to see the “Brenizer Method” from the man himself. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ryan!

Muliadi Bahrom - Linda Bahrom

Vahtangs Siharulidze - Ryan, Maybe silly question but why for making panoramas you use 85mm lens?

Josh Mitchell - Pulling off anything candidly with multiple shutter slaps from a D3s is pretty impressive in of itself.

Shannon Wimberly - I really don’t even need to comment on the awesomeness of this image….. my critique would only take away that fact….. beyond words my friend.

Michael Tuuk - I love this pano! I’m starting to try these out myself.

Adi Kapoor - Absolutely love the concept and the idea of reducing depth of field whilst still getting the wide angle! Kudos!

Just wondering if its my screen or if I can see a small amount of color distortion in the sky (almost like the vignette where the pictures were stitched together… for example right in the middle of the photograph (horizontally), at the top in the sky above the couple. The sky seems slightly darker in patches, which seem quite similar to a vignette!

Maybe I’m seeing things… lol