Guastavino’s wedding: Yelena and Ben

I’ve had a lot of challenges thrown in the way of my wedding coverage this year, from hurricanes to closed NYC tunnels to rescheduled weddings, but every once in a while, my couples aren’t just lucky in love, but on the day itself. Yelena and Ben’s wedding missed a giant freak snowstorm by a few hours and a few miles, and by the end of the night, when I was lying on the street in the middle of traffic to get a shot (long story), the snow was all but gone.

There are a lot worse places to be snowed in than Guastavino’s, though, a restaurant and event space with gorgeous architecture and style. The entire day from getting ready to the last moments of the reception was in the building, which eliminates about nine of the top 10 potential stressors on a wedding day.

Take Manhattan chic, add embarrassing and fun stories from family, a father rocking out on the mic with the band, belly dancers, rambunctious kids, and a kind, warm couple who couldn’t stop looking at each other all night, and you have a heck of a wedding.

Alan Langley - Absolutely stunning images – brilliant use of light as ever!! What a gorgeous bride but my favourite shot has to be the flower girl.
Awesome colours and shadows.

fer juaristi - Beautiful wedding my friend.

sam hurd - oh you and your eye balls. incred.

Rajesh J Taylor - The groom is so the BOSS MAN in the second from last image. Beautiful done series.

Brian Davis - Amazing…those reception shots blow my mind.

Becca Dilley - There is an easiness that flows through these photos that makes them even lovelier than their technical skill shows. Clearly a wonderful wedding.

Nessa K - You really never stop impressing me. I’m absolutely… in love with all the dancing photos. :)

Phil - This set was incredible. Every picture was just stunning.
Great way to end 2011.

Max - These wedding pics are so good… I do not know where to start… Awesomeness all around!

Johanna - The second to last one is magical. The whole wedding is magical. AND her dress is so dreamy.

Bec - amazing! I love the staircase shots. Actually every shot was beautiful.

Muhilan - Great pics Ryan !!!

Heather - This wedding is STUNNING!

Katherine O'Malley - Wow! So gorgeous! You just keep getting better and better! An amazing talent!

Heather Swann - these are absolutely, fantastically (

Leah Muse - Their portraits are incredible. Love the shot of her nuzzling in to nuzzling in to his neck.

Natalie - Such a gorgeous wedding! So beautifully captured!

Jared Tseng - The first shot of them dancing is pretty epic!

JESSIE - That first dance shot left me breathless. What a beautiful wedding! You as always are amazing!

Craig Cacchioli - Love the detail shots – especially the one of the dress hanging? How was that lit Ryan? The dress just seems to glow from within!

Kellee Walsh - Amazing Ryan! So much colour and emotion. Gorgeous.

ALMA - Awesome as always.

David Stubbart - you keep raising the bar Ryan…….AMAZING work!

adam houseman - Ryan, you see like nobody else does. Its always a pleasure stopping in to see what you are up to. Can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for you.

34studio - Great images!!! Love the creativity in your work!!!

34studio - Very unique and creative style!!!

Valerie Sebestyen - Wait.. this is real?
REALLY though, this is absolutely incredible work Ryan.

ANDREAS - What an amazing venue! Love those ceilings. The shot of the dancer and her dress being lit up is spectacular.

Lovely work.

Tenielle - Do you ever not nail it Ryan? Ok, so I’ve answered my own question.

angela - Absolutely beautiful work, Ryan! Great work at capturing such beautiful moments of the bride. You have a wonderful touch! Thanks so much for sharing!

Heather Elizabeth - You seriously take my breath away sometimes. The colors in this are amazing. Add in your talent of lighting and composition and capturing emotion. You rock. Hands down some of the best reception photos I have ever seen.

Ian Han - Stumbled on your site while looking for info about Nikkor tilt-shifts… what can I say, amazing work, I love the shot of the couple sitting on the leather couch.

Happy new year

Michelle Smith - wow…. just wow! you are already amazing but I swear you just outdid yourself! chills… tingles… just amazing…

Roberto Farren - Wonderful set of images!! Great photos for the B&G to take from this wedding. Loved the second to last one of the two of them. Regards, Roberto

Jen - Wow!! Amazing pics! The first dance photo is so vibrant. Love the ceremony wide angle shot with the blue walls. And still trying to figure out how you got the shoe shadow next to the shoe. Such a gorgeous wedding!

Craig Cacchioli - Jen,
I think the shoes are on a glass shelf with the shoe casting the shadow laying on its side with the heel pointing towards the toe of the shoe stood up in the foreground.
Then an off-camera flash is held above and to the left of camera (probably slightly forward of camera) casts the shadow of the shoe(s) giving the illusion of an inverted shadow.
If you look right at the bottom of the shot you can just about make out the shadow of the shoe that is stood up.
Love the trickery here Ryan. It’s astounding that you can be thinking of a shot like this in the midst of a wedding!

Derek - So much awesomeness, very inspiring work as usual Ryan!

francoishogue - wow, that’s a superstar wedding. i love how you photographed it! :-)

Lal Bahadur Gupta - Good work

Luis Toledo - Killer wedding Ryan. eye balls indeed…

Fotograf nunta Iasi - I like the movement captured in photographs.

Wedding Photographer Sydney - Love the lights Ryan. Would love to know more about what lights settings (strobe, continuous, etc) you used for this shoot.