Mad-Men-themed engagement shoot: Megan and Michael

RK2 6170

I was going to wait to post these … but I’m no good at being patient. Megan and Michael did such an awesome job at putting together a Mad-Men-themed engagement shoot, that I had to share some more. Everything from the newspapers they’re holding to the details of their clothing are either from around 1963 or, in the case of Megan’s dress, a prop from the show itself! And of course it helps to have access to the sorts of places the characters would actually frequent — first a 1960s subway car, from the New York Transit Museum, to the Gramercy Park Hotel — a bastion of New York style for most of the 20th Century.

Editing is crucial in photography, but they looked so fantastic and I had such a good time doing this that I’d be comfortable showing every last shutter click from this shoot. They even rocked the light tests. I can’t wait for their wedding in September.

  • Derek Olson

    Why aren’t they smoking in every photo? ;) Beautiful work. And the couple, they nailed it!

  • Tracy Morter

    Gorgeous! I love the almost cinematic look to these and the colours are wonderful.

  • Elissa

    Their attention to detail is marvelous. Goodness, they look fantastic. And Ryan, you photographed them beautifully. Love this!!

  • Emily Porter

    These are awesome!! They are such a classy, gorgeous couple.

  • ayeshasa

    i’ve never even watched mad men… yet… but this is all kinds of awesome. their style is _impeccable_, and your lighting is killer as always! they are gorgeous and the mood is incredible. love this!

  • Courtney Thomas

    wow. executed amazingly.

  • John P. Argueta

    Awesome! Lighting looks great! All that’s missing is some Whiskey. No wait, it’s there too!

  • Sownak Roy

    Awesome! Love the train environment.. very daily life :)

  • Seth

    This entire shoot is amazing but there is something really unique about the top right shot. Its like a still frame cut from an old film reel. I love it.

  • Diane Hornbuckle Dobry

    Ryan–loved it. Did they meet on a subway in “real life”?

  • Brianne Daul

    More of Megan Duffy & Michael Kinney’s awesome engagement shoot! Ryan Brenizer Photography did a fantastic job!

  • David Francis

    Absolutely fantastic!

  • Peter Gibbons

    Incredible set — the mood is just perfect. Really envious of your eye!

  • collages

    I’m wowed! This shoot is fantastic! Awesomely executed by both you and the couple!

  • Mary Sylvia

    Wow, she is GORGEOUS. These guys so perfectly suit your style of photography…

  • colleen

    this. is. a. ma. zing!

  • esenam

    This is so cool Ryan, love the every single shot.This is a story well told!

  • Missy

    Can haz rockin’ green dress? WOW. Oh, and the photos are nice, too. ;)

  • Alan

    I am not normally a fan of themed engagement shoots as they can easily become tacky but this just takes it to a new level. So very, very cool. Perfect couple, unbelievable attention to detail and of course amazing photography.

  • Melissa Jean

    Oh my goodness. They did a WONDERFUL job! Hmm, I think I need to go watch some more Mad Men now =)

  • Anton Chia

    Like frames from an old movie.

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  • Radek Radunski

    Great material, light and climate. I really like

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  • Chelsea Patricia

    Ummm, this is all kinds of awesome.

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  • Keith Hodgkinson

    Excellent stuff,story telling images that leave you thinking.What a great couple of characters.

  • Adrián Volt Saéz

    precioso trabajo. siempre excelente.


    this is simply awesome!!! love everything about this session!