Central Park Boathouse wedding: Cathy and Glen

You’ve heard the story about how it started to rain right before Cathy and Glen were going to take a leisurely walk in Central Park before their reception at the Central Park Boathouse. You may not have heard how it also started to rain right before Cathy was going to get into the limo for the ceremony at the stunning Church of St. Ignatius Loyola … or how that limo then immediately broke down, needing a jump start from a friendly NYC taxi driver.

But what you really didn’t hear is how none of that mattered. How much fun they had anyway at every part of the day. How close their family was, how great it was to see her brother Jeff and his wife Emily, whose wedding I photographed in 2008. How rain and electronic problems and all the challenges of a wedding day just become great stories to talk about later when a couple knows how to have fun together, which Cathy and Glen are great at. And, you know, the whole “looking fabulous” thing.

  • http://www.josephyarrow.com/uncategorized/tape Joseph

    Ryan, I swear you’re in 10 different places all at once.
    Wonderful photojournalism here.
    Congratulations to Cathy and Glen.

  • http://ferjuaristiblog.com fer juaristi

    love this post bro, it has everything I love about your style.

  • http://www.samhurdphotography.com Sam Hurd

    Your work is so dynamic it’s insane.

  • http://www.barrosinc.com Max

    Nice post!! SO many pics to frame!

  • http://thelifeyoulovephotography.com lindsey

    That rain shot makes my eyes sooo happy. This couple looks so wonderful and you can tell how much fun their wedding was. Beautiful photos!

  • http://www.kylehepp.com/blog Kyle

    Where to even begin with a post this good?! I love them all buuuut….

    My favorites are…

    Cathy with her hands in the air at the altar. The umbrella shot in the rain, and the shots in the subway. So. So. SO GOOD.

  • http://www.sullyclemmer.com/ Sully

    I am loving this one. The subway shot and the rain TS are freakin amazing man. Great work as always. Also, enjoy Hong Kong!

  • http://www.graymask.net Graymask

    What a beautiful wedding! Your certainly brought it to life with you photo journalism skill. The shot with the umbrella is simply incredible, kudos!

  • http://www.heatherelizabethphotography.com Heather Elizabeth

    Dear Ryan, I hate you because you are so good.

    love always, Heather.

  • http://danhandphoto.com dan

    gahhhhh, so good. so very very good. LOVE the umbrella and rain shot, fan-freaking-tastic.

  • http://www.matthewevansphotography.com.au Matt

    Love the portraits of the bride before the ceremony mate, also the tilt shift in the rain, EPIC.

  • http://www.raemarie.com.au Rae

    Holy fricken crap… how amazine is that umbrella shot at the end…. WINNER!

    I love how you capture people… their emotions, expressions, responses, reactions, moments <3

  • http://www.southcoastweddingblog.com.au Nora

    Awesome shots, especially that one under the umbrella…amazing!

  • http://katforsyth.com Kat Forsyth

    Stylish and classic as always, with that extra PJ edge to take it to the next level. Rain shot at the end FTW.

  • http://www.nataliefranke.com Natalie

    I honestly can’t pick a favorite image! This is amazing!

  • ryan southen

    stellar work as always.

  • http://omahaweddingphotography.net Daniel

    You never cease to amaze, Ryan. Stunning work as always, bro.

  • http://www.derekmartinezblog.com Derek

    Stunning work as usual Ryan. The shot of them in the rain is all kinds of awesome.

  • http://www.theuppermost.com/blog Sigit Prasetio

    This is outstanding!. I love the use of TSE-Lens :)

  • Shaun David

    Amazing work! I love the black and whites.

  • http://www.iqphotobooth.com SF Photo Booth Guy

    I really like your natural looking photos, it’s wonderful. All of them are perfect, the color, the light, the couple, everything. I can really say that you have capture the right emotions in a wedding.

  • http://carolinaphotosmith.com Jen Smith

    So many emotions! Pensive, sweet, dramatic, humorous, traditional, zany. And she looks cool as a cucumber throughout, despite all the random wedding day issues. Amazing!

  • http://www.christianlee.ca Christian Lee

    Awesome stuff, Ryan. Love the shot in the rain…wow.

  • http://www.nordicaphotography.com coler

    this post sums up everything i think is dope about your style. kick-ass.

  • http://www.marielloydphotography.co.uk Jason Lloyd

    Dammit Ryan, you are the man right now!! Some beautiful images here and love the group shot of the guys – ultracool :)

  • http://www.antonchia.com Anton Chia

    The interior shot of the church blew me away.

  • Craig Lybbert

    The photo in the rain with the umbrella is pure genius. Loved how you used the umbrella and how you took advantage of the rain. Nice work.

  • Lukas Gisbert-Mora

    Wow! How?

  • Massimo Carbone

    Very beautiful work! :)