Beyond the Dusk

111126 170851 35mm f1 4

I love shooting in November, at least when it’s unseasonably warm as it has been. It could be noon and the sun still comes as a flattering oblique angle. But it also means that it gets dark early. Really early. So if your ceremony runs a little long, you might show up at the gorgeous pier you selected for your wedding photos and find that it’s pitch black, so dark you need a flashlight just to see where you can walk.

No problem.

This was much darker in real life than in the photo. A quick tip: Live View is awesome for nailing manual focus in conditions too dark for your eye to see. It’s a good time to be a photographer when our mechanical eyes can give us a hand from time to time.

Of course, being paranoid is a big part of this game. I knew darkness was a strong possibility, so I brought every continuous light source I own. If nothing else, they made great flashlights.

(The reflection is off a particularly nasty puddle in a pile of gravel.)

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s
Light: Backlit with Lowel id-light

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17 thoughts on “Beyond the Dusk”

  1. Seriously? You are hands down the most frustrating photographer I know of. Whenever I’m feeling good about my work, all I have to do is open up your blog and I get a nice firm reality check.

  2. I had a VERY similar experience a few weeks ago.. big difference though.. I forgot my flashlight. walking the focus onto the couple using test shots with the strobes was not fun.

  3. This is so so beautiful….the happy couple are very lucky to have this image to start their journey…great job Ryan..

  4. Memories frozen in a nasty puddle looking for all the world like swan lake at dusk. I hear MacGyver cheering in the distance.

  5. When I first saw this image I thought “are you kidding me?”, and now that I know that’s a puddle in a pile of gravel…seriously? Your work is awe-inspiring! I could look at your images all day!

  6. Always scratch my head… do u get that georgous sky blue?
    Great composition, great as always….

  7. I have to agree with Dennis. Can’t you post something awful, just once? This is stunning, and I can only imagine it is even more amazing at a large size. What a spectacular gift for the bride and groom to remember their wedding with – a quiet moment, beautifully captured.

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