Alone together

This is one of those pictures that even my large-size blog format doesn’t really do justice — the original is about 150 megapixels.

I can’t post the full set without permission due to extreme fabulousness, but I will ask nicely, because this was a fantastic wedding day.

Brenizer method and flash composite. Because why not.

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 36-image “Brenizer method” panorama with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (equivalent of 23mm f/0.38 according to Brett’s calculator)

Maximiliano Barros - Masterpiece!

To start the pic is awesome and second incredible that you could do a flash bokeh panorama!

sam hurd - really really love the balance of ambient to flash…

Emily Porter - Love this…. Even though I’m on my phone & I’m sure that does this even less justice…. Gorgeous all the same.

Sully - Sam said exactly what I was thinking. Incredible balance and very soft. Fantastic image

Brett Symes - stunning in every way. I love the boldness of having the couple in the centre of the image, it gives the image such strength. Some beautiful honey coloured light in there as well which provides just that little touch of warmth that lifts the picture.

Many many congrats, would love to see the other pictures.


Ian Kreidich - Nice. I did notice there are about six dark lines in the sky that could be blended in better. Probably not as noticeable when the photo is larger.

alex ho - very nice!

Cliff Cooper - this is awesome!


Matthew Pedi - So I’ve seen all the tutorials on the Brenzier Method, how do you do it with a flash composite?

Valerio Pardi - Wonderfull

Ash Afie - Simply magical!

Shanker Kaura - Stunning. Your work is inspirational.

Giovanni Logrono - Too amazing!

Albert Palmer - Aw wow – very powerful!

Brandyn Fidel - I would imagine…he started off shooting the couple (whose was lit a litepanel?) once photos creating the couple are done he removed his assistant from the frame and continued with the background and foreground.

Holly - This is gorgeous, Ryan.

Alan Langley - What a fabulous picture – the way the light catches the couple is stunning.

Dennis Pike - this is insanely awesome. I am curious how a brenizer method AND flash composite work together. How do you manage to shoot that?

Jerzy Modrak - Love the format. And the lighting as well as the light balance are so suble here!

Beth Salamone - I might be prejudiced being mother of the bride, but these photos are just spectacular.

Anton Chia - Love the Brenizer MethodS combined, flash and bokeh panorama-composite.