Monthly Archives: November 2011

Central Park Boathouse wedding: Cathy and Glen

You’ve heard the story about how it started to rain right before Cathy and Glen were going to take a leisurely walk in Central Park before their reception at the Central Park Boathouse. You may not have heard how it also started to rain right before Cathy was going to get into the limo for […]

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Beyond the Dusk

I love shooting in November, at least when it’s unseasonably warm as it has been. It could be noon and the sun still comes as a flattering oblique angle. But it also means that it gets dark early. Really early. So if your ceremony runs a little long, you might show up at the gorgeous […]

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Review: Sigma 12-24mm Mark II

Specs and Pricing info This summer, I looked at the gear I tended to use for weddings — never wider than 24mm, dominated by f/1.4 or f/1.2 primes — and said “Ok, let’s shake this up a bit.” So I chose the Sigma 12-24mm, which on a full-frame camera gives as wide a rectilinear frame […]

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