The Palace at Somerset Park Wedding: Yvonne and Clyde

This was the wedding that taught me how to Dougie.

In turns gorgeous, elegant, hilarious and wild, Yvonne and Clyde’s wedding at the Palace at Somerset Park had me smiling behind my camera all day. We started with a Catholic ceremony at the gorgeous St. Lucy’s in Newark (a city that keep surprising me). Unlike Erika and Chip, Yvonne and Clyde just missed Hurricane Irene. I’m not sure if anyone would have noticed if it tore the roof off, given how wild the dance floor was, lead by Clyde’s extremele energetic twin brothers.

Thanks to Zack Delaune for helping me with this — that’s his photo of the bride being hoisted on the dance floor, since it was spontaneous and I was shooting elsewhere. In addition to being a great photographer who’s attended my workshops, Zack is a FEMA professional. That’s right, when a hurricane threatens, only I will bring FEMA with me to make sure that everything goes OK.

Paul Rowland - Love what you’re doing with the tiltshift lens – the mix with ocf is brilliant.

Caroline - Oh Ryan, I fall more and more in love with your work. Your storytelling is impeccable, and you captured so many tearful and also joyful emotions. I’ll bet the bride and groom are thrilled with these!

Elissa - Abso-freakin-lutely phenomenal. Those getting-ready photos are especially amazing.

Sarah King - Brilliant work

Heather Elizabeth - By far one of my favorite weddings of yours. Stunning work.

Angel - Looked like everybody was up for a wild party like always! My people is crazy!!!

Fabrice Drevon - Oh yes one of the best.
Some of them are so well done, so clever.

Bravo Ryan!

Peter Gibbons - The shot of the rings and the shot in the limo are explosive! Great job on the entire shoot, as always.

Gigi Bee - What beautiful photos! I was at this beautiful wedding! Amazing and beautiful!

Nick Bustos - Your documentation of this wonderful event is outstanding, rich, dramatic, beautiful and spectacular. Each and every image here is so compelling and tells you a great story of that particular moment that is not forgettable… You’re great. Kudos to you Ryan.

Sally Watts - Stunning and romantic and cinematic.
You are the flashmaster!

Anthony Posey - great work

Ian Ali - Nice job, Ryan. It was great working with you!

Lifetime Entertainment (DJ)

Ian Ali - Awesome photos, Ryan. It was great working with you on this wedding!

Anna Nguyen - What a great shot of the bride and groom surrounded by people weilding cameras! I’ve always had this shot in mind when I would get married, absolutely love it!

Anna Lee - Amazing ring shot!!

Anton Chia - Sugoi neh! Always inspirational.

Joseph Delgado - its utterly disgusting how good this is Ryan. Inspiring to say the least.

mike milne - You rule. Emotionally great work and technically excellent.

Liking the tilt shift shot at the altar. I’d like to here more about your thought process with the tilt shit if you’re into sharing that. Are the photos pre-visualized once you see the venue? Or do you stick it on a body to inspire you to look for these shots?

DJH - Stunning post work. Love the colours and the black and white have great punch…

Clyde - Ryan, You did such an awesome job! We are still admiring all the great pics you took. We also made two of them some our wall art at home. Thank you again for capturing all these great moments on our special day! A day we will never forget and we have such beautiful pictures to bring us back to each moment! You are the best!! Thank you again!

Yvonne & Clyde

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you so much Yvonne and Clyde!

Steven Mackie - This is the most amazing wedding collection I have ever seen Ryan. Completely fresh and TRULY inspiring!

Rob Tobin - Great coverage, can you explain the lighting details of couple on balcony A+

Renard Richie - Ryan, This is technically one of the most artistic album I’ve seen from you. wow.