A True Sunday

111030 151840 12mm f14

Yelena and Ben really picked the right day of this weekend to get married. After the record-breaking snow on Saturday, this is what we had yesterday — a gorgeous wedding at Guastivino’s in Manhattan.

I had to fight every urge to not just stay up all night and post this whole wedding today. Finally I remembered that I felt the same way about all the other weddings I’ve photographed recently. It’s telling in a lot of ways that I’m headed to Aruba on Wednesday and I’m excited to look through and edit the great weddings that I’ve had happen in front of my lens in recent weeks.

Lens: Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6
Camera: Nikon D3s

Michelle McLucas - The right side of the picture looks very dramatic with the darkish shadows and the left so very bright with the gorgeous sky and seeing the sun.

Andy Kleinmoedig - Beautiful! Aruba is next to the island I was born on, Curacao…Have (photographic) fun.

Inna Katz - Straight out of a bridal magazine! phenomenal photos! can’t wait to see them all!

Rainer Moster | Fotografie - Very very nice. The colors, the contrast, the mood. Great job.

Ivens Nascimento - Fantastic !!

Becca Dilley - Wow – was this in full sun? Love the shadows on the right side. Well, and the whole image, of course. Really beautiful.