Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding: Meredith and Joe

Grace. Elegance. Fun. And an awesome hat.

There’s not really much more that you need for a gorgeous wedding, particularly at a venue like the Pleasantdale Chateau.

Meredith and Joe did everything they could to make sure their guests had a great time, from our photo booth to a cigar stand, fantastic band, ice cream bar, you name it. They and their family were so warm and open the entire day. It makes me happy just to re-live the day through showing these photos.

18 thoughts on “Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding: Meredith and Joe”

  1. Amazing venue, I’ve seen that pool on tv but I can’t remember where, I think it was a without a trace episode. Killer photography and stunning dress. Definitely wedding photo eye candy!

  2. If you ask me… your best wedding to date!
    Brilliant. The place seems taken out of a fairy tale. The wedding dress pic, outstanding. The low view of the groom and bride outside with a flash UNREAL. Congrats Ryan.

  3. awesome shots. I was just there for a wedding in August and its an amazing venue. That pool is the one from the movie, Cocoon.

  4. Is that location for real? Are you for real? You’re like a ninja-magic-photographer-from-plant-awesome. Or something like that.

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