Loyola Marymount (California) Wedding: Kim and Esteban

As always, I am stunned whenever a couple flies me into Southern California to shoot a wedding, because I think now it’s a law that you have to be a wedding photographer to be a permanent resident of the region. It means that our style, our sense of humor, and our personalities are meshing in a deep way and, right from the moment I arrived and Kim greeted Wendy and I with a batch of home-made cookies, I knew this wedding would be a joy to shoot.

Within minutes, Kim told Wendy that she felt like a “sister from another mother,” and even though we’d just met them, this really felt like a wedding I was covering for close friends. It also helped that my brother Doug was also on hand to help with the (increasingly hilarious) photo booth, so it really was a family affair.

And this doesn’t even cover the wedding, a fantastic canival-themed day designed to make sure everyone had a great time, at the school where Kim and Esteban met. They’d both been official tour guides, so they knew every inch of their wedding venue, telling me stories of when it was Howard Hughes’ defense contracting headquarters, so it was deliberately built as a sort of labyrinth in case it was invaded. That’s the sort of security I like in a wedding.

From churro stations to a crazy dance floor to a heartfelt Catholic ceremony officiated by a close friend, and their infectious laughter, the day encapsulated so many aspects of their personalities, and they meshed perfectly.