“Just Be Awesome.”

110927 182355 35mm f5 6

Tom and Nicole. This is a flash composite AND a panorama, using two really awesome assistants for the lighting … Tom and Nicole.

No, I never did color within the lines in school, why do you ask?

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s
Light: Sb-900 triggered by PocketWizard FlexTT5

David Morrison - great photo. I would really like to read how you do these flash composites in some detail. To me they are more exciting than the Ryan Brenizer technique!

Sean Molin - You taught me how to make bokeh panoramas. I am extremely thankful for that. You provided great, freely-available info for that, and I let everyone know how amazing you are and how you came up with the technique.

I am at a loss for flash composites, and I can’t find any material on how to do them anywhere except your workshops… and I DESPERATELY want to spruce up my formal wedding group photos. *sniffles* I don’t live close to NYC… care to share?