Crest Hollow Country Club Wedding: Ida and Erjon

You may remember Marsida and Genc’s fantastic Albanian wedding — well, I didn’t have to wait very long after the wedding to see them again, since I photographed their good friends’ Ida and Erjon’s wedding soon after!

Another epic adventure that had us shooting all over the city, battling traffic and hot weather to show their deep connection, and yes, more awesome fire code violations. I am going to start demanding that people set things on fire at all of my weddings, so watch out.

In any case, I’m too stupidly excited about the photos to let any more words get between you and them.

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28 thoughts on “Crest Hollow Country Club Wedding: Ida and Erjon”

  1. They had such a wonderful variety of family and friends who love them- and you recorded all the quirky, wonderful moments that tell us so. Wonderful work, Ryan.

  2. How I got here, I don’t know. WOW! I’m glad I got here.

    Fantastic work, priceless and spot on in so many ways! I tip my cap to any and all photographers who captured the images on this site.

    I’ll be using this site as an example to my students.

    Brides, Book this studio early! I have nothing to do with this studio personally but what your’re looking at right here is top of the heap!

    I did work like this for many years before an accident put an end to it all. It’s ok – I’m really liking teaching anyways. 28 years of 50 weddings a year plus and studio work.

    I don’t post comments on many photography blogs – but this one, is a keeper!

    All the best to the professionals at this Studio!

    5 Stars!

    Photo Coach

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