Coming Soon: Meredith and Joe at the Pleasantdale Chateau

110807 163116 35mm f2 5

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s
Lighting: Tricky.

Paul Rowland - You’re a tungsten lighting master. LOVE the blues / tones of your images when you shoot with mixed lighting.

Dennis Pike - Style for miles, sir. Style for miles

Michael Mahle - Hi there,

Just from this one shot, I’d be very interested in seeing the other shots you’ve got and possibly include them (with credit of course) on our website. Sound like a possibility? Thanks!

Michael Mahle
Director of Communications
Pleasantdale Chateau

Maximiliano Barros - Awesome!! Too bad you make all others photographers look bad LOL

Sally Credle Watts - Beautifully, artfully stylish! (Even if I was going, “wait-how does Pleasantdale Chateau rhyme?” for a moment there before I clued in.)

Paul Rowland - It should be said you have great subject material to work with also though haha. I like how they both have the same expression on their face.

Andy Kleinmoedig - Tricky lighting Ryan said…But my question (after looking at the picture is….) Where?

Satish - Such great skills man. My turban salutes you.

Jesse Pafundi - Wow Ryan, this is bad a.

Kyle - Did I not comment on this? Because I meant to. Favorite portrait I have ever seen grace the pages of this website. By far.

susan furey - WOW, They are fantastic!