Back-to-Back NYC Workshops: October 22-23

October 2011 workshop

This year, I’ve smacked straight into the central contradiction of professional photography workshops: If your business is doing really well, you probably don’t have time to do lots of workshops about how other people’s businesses can do really well. I felt like it would be just wrong to not do a single NYC workshop the entire year, but there was the tiny problem that I’m booked every weekend until the Christmas season — except for that one weekend I was holding for a clear-my-head vacation.

And then I realized: The week before I’m shooting a wedding in the Berkshires and taking a few days to romp in the fall foliage. The week after I’ll be in Aruba, and then New Orleans. With a job like this, work is all the vacation I need.

But my time away from hosting workshops has given me time to think about how I can improve on them. I know that my past workshops must have been pretty good because of the people who keep coming back to multiple sessions, but I’m never satisfied. I know that there are so many different people out there who are looking for springboards to further their photography, and you all are at different levels in different areas and you all learn in different ways. Whether you’re to broaden your bag of technical skills, find the bridge from being a good photographer to a successful photographer, or just have a great time and network with other professionals while making killer photos, the educator in me wants you to walk away with more than you had when you came in.

How? More focus. More differentiation. More. Two back-to-back workshops, on Saturday and Sunday October 22 and 23rd in NYC, designed to work seamlessly for people who take either or both.

Workshop Day 1: Structured around lessons that will be useful for photographers of any level:

  • Turning bad situations into good photos — dealing with bad light, bad locations, altered timelines, awkward subjects, etc.
  • Keeping your passion — what to do when your hobby turns into work, or when you feel you’re stuck in a rut
  • Pressing your business forward — why am I booked every weekend when there are so many other good photographers out there? I have absolutely no secrets about creating great experiences for clients, getting your work seen by the right people, and everything that happens from turning that initial e-mail into an ecstatic client.

There will be plenty of shooting with individual subjects and couples, generally around structured demonstrations that show you new ways to solve common problems and break down roadblocks. Day 1 is more similar to previous full-day workshops

Workshop Day 2: The primary goal of Day 2 is for every attendee to create insanely awesome images. We’ll have models, make-up artists, lots and lots of on-location shooting, all sorts of crazy equipment — big and small strobes, LED and incandescent continuous lighting, pretty much everything that Nikon has ever made — and just enough guidance to make sure that people aren’t just seeing great images being taken, but actually creating them themselves. Then we will have a shoot review and demonstration of everything that happens after a shoot, from culling to post-processing to telling stories through image display. Day 2 attendance will be capped to a small group.

Or, in short:

Day 1: Structured discussions of the hard-won lessons that can help you stay energized, creative, and successful, even when things in front of you look terrible in every possible way.

Day 2: Learning by doing, a mix of watching how I would take a scene to the next level and the freedom to do it yourselves, both in-camera and in post-processing.

Either day is valuable by itself, but they are designed to be taken together without feeling repetitive.

I know this this short notice for most people. At my last workshop, 85 percent of the attendees flew in from all parts of the globe, and late October is wedding season pretty much everywhere. Because of that, this workshop will have a bit of a discount:

Pricing: Either day costs $350 to attend. Both days cost $600 to attend, and people who attend both days will also get a free digital portfolio review focusing on artistic merit, business perspective, or both.

E-mail to register and begin the subject with either “WORKSHOP DAY 1,” “WORKSHOP DAY 2”, or “WORKSHOP BOTH DAYS” depending on your interest.

rich - wish i could go this time around! PLEASE run this again sometime soon!

Paul - Ryan, if you ever bring these workshops to Australia I’ll be one of the first to sign up.

Janice - I can’t make it to the workshops in October, but I am going to be in nyc at the beginnng of Feb 2012, any plans to do another workshop? let me know

Kelsey Griffin - love your photos. wish you were in california!

Ryan - Really love this workshop idea, I would definitely be interested in one in the near future, any plans?

Ryan Brenizer - Ryan: It worked out really well, so we’ll definitely do more like this in the future. I need to figure out ways to do it in the dead of winter.

Michael Metts - Do you have any plans for a Spring NYC workshop? My wife and I missed this one, but we’d love to join you next time.

umair - Hi,

When is your next workshop? I am a beginner and interested in attending one of them

Ana Just - Where can I get more info on future workshops?