Jackie and Anthony’s Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding

I’d been shooting portraits of Jackie and her bridesmaids on a sunny Philadelphia pier when I looked back toward land and saw Anthony walking toward me with his groomsmen. In unison. In slow motion.

I started laughing. “Did you just Reservoir Dogs yourselves?”

It describes Jackie and Anthony well. Funny, care-free, and visually-oriented (Anthony is an avid photographer himself). It was bound to be a good time, and it was. Philadelphia’s Cescaphe Ballroom was elegant, convenient and, I hope, impervious to flame, since their wedding featured indoor fireworks and an indoor cigar bar. I wasn’t in Bloomberg’s NYC anymore…

I couldn’t have had a better time with them and their family. Congratulations, all.

Max Barros - I follow your blog as inspiration… these are no exception

Anton Chia - Wow! I like those pics of them smoking. I dig all those Brenizer flash composites. But, my absolute favorite pic of the set is the kiss shot with the greenery background, there’s something magical about it!

coler - So much complicated lighting throughout the post, and every shot is money. Virtual high-five, Ryan!

Stephen Rotondo - Beautiful images Ryan, I totally love the rich colours you bring out. And what a wedding – the chef burst into flames!

Heather - Your lighting for the bridal party portraits (as well as the stunning shot of the couple on the stairs) are deceptively masterful. The balence is incredible: a layman sees the image’s straightforward beauty and would focus on the moment between the couple, while you leave the pros who see your work longing for the ability to have such a soft lighting touch. Well done!

Lara Eichhorn - I love your candid shots so much, but of course you rocked the other parts too. The photos with the guys lighting the cigars are oh so cool. I also really love the first shot of the bride after the detail shots – such beautiful emotion on her face.

Dennis Pike - pretty much amazing, start to finish. Anyone that resivior dog’s themself is awesome in my book.

Sara K Byrne - So many perfectly executed photos, you are an absolute master.
The photo of the couple in front of the marble pillars.. wow.

Jessica Schilling - Beautiful all around. I really like how dramatic the portraits on the pier are, and the cigar smoke shots are awesome.

Daniel K Cheung - To friggin’ good.

Elissa - I’m always amazed and humbled by your work. I love your use of reflections, especially that couples’ shot with the piano.

shipra - The way you see and use light is truly genius. The formals and portraits especially are amazing!

Kat Braman - the smoking shots are dope! I also really love all the reflections. You shoot reflections like no one else.

Rima Darwash - Ryan you inspire me, your images never ceases to amaze me, and this is no exception. Im waiting for your workshop in the UK, as I’ll be first inline :D

Leah Kua - You craft some magic with light. Seriously!!

benj haisch - I’m just going to be straight with you, Mr. Brenizer. You’re really freakin’ good.

mertha - I love this story, the details and these wonderful emotions!

Jared Tseng - That freelensing shot is baller!

Nessa K - What a beautiful bride! And that photo of them on the steps, in front of the columns? So good. OH so good.

Kat Forsyth - Dang, kickass group shots there, Ryan! And couple shots. And and…um, everything.

Samantha - Very pretty bride. Love the session.

Den - Stunning as ever, esp. your impossible group shot. Well executed. That cake looks fantastic.

Joseph - Those composite bridal party images are amazing. Amazed how you are able to get these shots so quickly on a wedding day!