Gramercy Vineyards Wedding: Tiffany and Bartow

When I meet with prospective couples, I give them access to every wedding I’ve photographed recently, whether conditions were perfect at a wedding or whether Murphy’s Law was in full effect. I do this to say: “Don’t panic. Sometimes things aren’t perfect, but we’ll get good photos anyway.”

And you shouldn’t panic, because every so-called wedding disaster simply becomes a great story to tell … and sometimes it becomes something more. When it started raining on Tiffany and Bartow’s gorgeous outdoor wedding at Gramercy Vineyards? That’s a story to tell — how everyone huddled close together under the tents and in the small barn and talked and laughed, how everyone cheered when the staff figured out how to turn the lights back on. But when a cask of wine cracked open on the dance floor, filling the room with an inch of sweet, pungent liquid? That’s something more, something that shows how awesome Tiffany, Bartow, and their loved ones are. Because it just made them party even harder. Out came the rain boots, off came the shoes, and they danced, kicking up wine, splashing all over, simply celebrating the day.

Sometimes I see a wedding and say “Yes, this is everything a wedding should be.” And it’s not the awesome details or the gorgeous collections of cakes they had, or the fantastic setting of a lush vineyard. It’s the people. Always the people.

Timothy Kaldas - Fantastic work Ryan. I love how you captured every complication so artfully and all their joy at the same time and that shot of the bride’s dress at the beginning is gorgeous.

Razvan - They certainly know how to party! I love that black and white frame with the bride and groom with the umbrellas.

Stephanie Haller - Holy cow, Ryan. You hit it right on the money when you said it’s always about the people. What a fun, fun time. I’m always convinced that it’s couples like this – the ones that take it in stride and ride life’s crazy roller coaster together while laughing in each other’s arms – that will make it a lifetime.

How could they not?

Those vineyard shots are magical – and the last shot of them is money.

Well done!

Ryan Chan - Ryan, great wedding day coverage. You captured some very emotional moments. I really like #6!!

Joe Sanfilippo - Whenever I look at your blog posts it is hard to pick a favorite. Each image is pretty damn awesome. This specific blog post though makes me feel like I was at this wedding. Absolutely Awesome!

Andy Barnhart - Beautiful job Ryan, every shot is amazing. I really like the bride and groom shots in the vineyard.

Brandyn Fidel - RAIN BOOTS! CLASSIC…

Drew - What a beautiful wedding! Rain or not you captured the true emotion of the day, in a remarkable way.

kristi wright - Ryan, this wedding looks like so much fun! You are definitely a great storyteller.

Toledo Photographer - This is my first visit here. What great shots! I especially like the black and white image of the couple taken through the arbor.

gabe aceves - ryan, i would love to miniatureize myself and crawl into your head (in a non creepy way) for one wedding. awesome stuff sir.

Heather J. - This is beautiful, and it made me hungry for almonds.

Phylis Hampson - I love the pictures. They are everything and more than I hoped for. You captured the joy and the fun of the day. Thank you Ryan for the memories. There is no other photographer anyone could want but you. Tiffany’s mom

Derek Martinez - Amazing work Ryan, you did an amazing job capturing the emotion and their story.

Pradeep - Love your work. Inspiring!
What is your fav lens Ryan?

Lisa Redfern - LOVE those shots of the wine dancing. Also love what you wrote… no fair that you’re such a good photographer AND writer. Anyway, beautiful and inspiring photographs, I want to be you when I grow up.

Tee - those vineyards are amazing, great job!! Love the color!

Joseph - Those wet feet images are cool! You make shooting in the rain super fun!

Len - Dude! Looks like this was a crazy amazing wedding and you’ve caught so many wicked moments. Nice!

Tall - That L-eye-ght bulb shot is money.

Kat Braman - You are a master Ryan. This is spectacular storytelling. I am particularly in love with the image of the red sock.

Julianne Markow - You’re the man… that’s all. Oh and I love the “you method” shot of the bride and groom :-)

Sachin Khona - Awesomeness

Valerie Sebestyen - Definitely, always the people. The shots with the wine on the floor are just great! Question, tilt shift or just editing skills? Loved how you edited this wedding with the DOF, and as always, the moments captured.

Nessa K - This couple just looks like they’re amazing to be around… annnnd that ceremony was one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while. =)

Kat Forsyth - OMG, the reception – what an awesome crazy cool bunch of people!

Sally blythe - Fabulous! ! Now that is what I call a true celebration!

Sam - What else can I say that hasn’t already been said? Fantastic as usual!

wpr - You captured some wonderful emotion and the portraits are really beautiful!

Sally Watts - I was totally imagining red wine until I got to the reception images.
I love this whole set. Such a romantic, intimate, natural yet almost fairy tale like setting and vibe.
Love the groom pausing to kiss his Mom and hug his grandmother. So sweet!
And that’s some serious hair-whipping going on!

My favorite image is the black and white portrait of the bride and groom in the vineyard, where she’s leaning down and laughing. Love, love.

Maximiliano Barros - hahahahha the dance pics with wine all over are insane story telling!

Ive gotta say that my favorite pic is the bride (maybe someone else??) screwing in the lightbulb.