Central Park Boathouse Wedding: Leonor and Ben

A fun, extremely nice couple? Great weather? The Central Park Boathouse? If it sounds like a nice day, wait until you get to the part with the crazy dance floor, the free-flowing tears and deep family connections, the gorgeous styling, and their obvious passion for each other.

We began the day in my old stomping grounds near Columbia University, and from there everything was in Central Park. There is so much less possible stress on a wedding day when you can simply walk from the ceremony to gorgeous locations and back again, and that allowed them a day laser-focused on just having a great time with their friends and family. Perfect.

Caroline - LOVE this set. But my favorite is definitely the one of the bride and groom with the greenery all around them. Gorgeous.

Luis Godinez - Amazing wedding, Ryan. I’m sucker for great silhouette shots like the two you have. :)

Kat Forsyth - That mirror shot of the dress makes my day. As does the bride under her veil, looking so serene and gorgeous, even though she’s not even in her dress yet.

James - Fantastic work Ryan, im with Luis on the silhouette shots!

Jason - Bro, your use of light and shadows is just masterful. Everything from the variations during the preparation to the beautiful lighting at the reception. I’m in awe. Gorgeous wedding too!

Fotografia ślubna - It`s beautiful

Tyler Branch - ya too many good ones. sheesh. the silhouette shot under the tree got me.

joanna - wow such passion! this is a great set, you can really see their love for each other. I really like the shot of them by the fountain & at the bottom of the stairs in the park. so good.

Samuel Jordon II - Love your work!

ALMA - Beautiful wedding set!

Amanda Basteen - beautiful! What a stunning bride. LOVE the dress reflection shot!

shipra - fantastic as always. You always inspire me to look at light creatively. The shot of the back of her dress…magic

Marianne Taylor - So classy, as always. The best dancing shots ever. :D

Tobiah Tayo - Wow! These are beautiful photographs. I particularly love the portrait of the bride in her veil at the beginning!

Max Barros - Silhouette pics for the win!! I just love these!

megan noonan - Haha! Fish face! I love all the variations in lighting that you use Ryan! Amazing work!

ayesha - that is one awesome dress and i love the details you took note of in it… sigh. i think my favorites are the portraits though… the “method” image especially, that belongs on a wall! beautiful set!

nadine - Gorgeous wedding Ryan! I like the shot of the shadow of the shoe, the dress being backlit as it’s being transferred, and the silloutte shot of the couple, gorgeous!

Teresa K - What a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom portraits are completely superb…you rock Ryan!!

Sachin Khona - The brides dress is ah-may-zing .. beautiful story telling as always RB!

Jennifer Nagy - Lovely photos love the candids at the reception, they are having so much fun

Jaimie Dee - These shots are gorgeous!!! LOVE your work! :)

Joe Sanfilippo - Gorgeous as always – Great slideshow!

coler - steller. again.

Vivika - Great emotion photography. Love the simple candid shots that make for beautiful wedding photography.