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Sometimes trying to zig where others zag isn’t enough, and I remind myself to zig where I would normally zag. It’s the best way to see things in new ways, or after taking hundreds of thousands of photos and looking at countless millions more, taking those that make me say the magic words: “Hey, I haven’t seen that before.”

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s
Light: Sb-700 on a mini-stand.

Studio 450 Wedding: Mila and Igor

When I’m not shooting wedding photography, I’m usually thinking about or discussing wedding photography. Yes, it’s true. The other day I had a discussion about whether and how much wedding photography imposes overly dramatic forms on love. I was asked: “Do people dip-and-kiss in real life? Do they just feel like jumping into each other’s arms naturally?”

My first thought was “Well … I do (sometimes.)” But, of course, maybe that’s why I’m a wedding photographer.

My second that was “Mila and Igor. They do.”

Dramatic, lively, and ballroom-trained? You bet they do. It was a wet, grey day in NYC when they got married at Studio 450, but that didn’t slow them or their wedding party one bit, especially their equally fun-loving and dramatic parents. Mila’s dad had me cracking up most of the day (and, as you can see below, he has some impressive hang time on his jumps.) When they reached a puddle? Yes, without prompting, Mila just jumped into his arms and he carried her across.

I’m including a few photos from their engagement shoot because they show their personality well — visiting their old haunts like his favorite chess shop — and because they used the photos for a big part of their reception design, and I’d rather show the photos than photos of photos.

Congratulations, Mila and Igor — no imposed drama necessary.

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