My Favorite Portrait (That Isn’t a Portrait)

My Favorite Portrait (That Isn

Stephanie and Kevin’s wedding on Saturday was spectacular, whimsical and fun — and it was so sweet to see someone I had last known as a little girl in Sunday school grown up into a gorgeous bride. At the end of the night, everyone gathered out for the release of some very cool Thai lanterns into the sky, and as they floated away Stephanie excitedly turned into Kevin just like so.

This was total darkness. ISO 4500, f/1.4, 0.4 second shutter speed. I laid down in the grass to get a shot that couldn’t be made out by human eyes, and I figured they must have seen me, and had perfectly posed for it just like so. I went up to Kevin after and said “Did you know I was there? That pose was perfect!” He said “No … what do you mean?” I showed him the photo on the back of my camera and he started to cry … and I got halfway there myself.

Dennis Pike - Is it serendipity? Is it luck? Is it straight up skill? Is it the more you shoot the luckier you get? ridiculous, Ryan.

Ryan Brenizer - If photography is the art of preparing to be lucky, professional photography is the business of making sure you are lucky every day.