Kim and Dinesh’s Gotham Hall Wedding

When Kim and Dinesh told me about the spectacle they had planned, I knew right away that this was not a story for black and white. When you combine the intense, colorful, time-honored and raucous traditions of Chinese and Indian weddings with the incredibly sumptuous space of New York’s Gotham Hall, you have a colorful day in every sense of the word.

It more than lived up to all of our expectations. The ceremony and reception were absolutely stunning, and Kim knew how to mix the traditional and the modern, offsetting her Chinese dress with some Louboutins so fantastic that she needs to win some sort of award for being able to walk on grass in them.

But what really stands out is their tenderness at every moment in a day that brought us from midtown to the Bronx and back again, through door games and groomsmen wearing lipstick and tea ceremonies and horses in the streets of Manhattan and so much more. Always tender, between themselves and to others. Congratulations.

(A few photos by Erica Camille)

Steve Koo - Lovely work, Ryan. Reception work, as always, is fantastic!

Shaun - Wow that venue is beautiful! Nice photography too. I love the emotion in those dance floor shots.
Shaun David

adam houseman - Awesome post Ryan. Super colors, light, and moments all combine for a serious win. Well done.

Rocky - They don’t call you the Moment Junkie for nothing!! Lovely!

Amber - Beautiful work, as always, Ryan. Love that huge wide shot of the room. And the breakdancing kid, obviously.

Elissa - You create these amazing moods with your photos… I seriously can’t even pick a favorite.

Caroline Ghetes - Wow! Amazing details! I just love that first shoe shot and that last one is just plain awesome.

Jashim Jalal - AMAZING! The End.

Nora - Amazing work! Love all the rich red tones and how you have captured so much emotion from the day.

Alyda - Holy stunning wedding batman! If you were standing next to me I’d give you a big pat on the back rb ;)

Rochelle - How amazing are these shots! Awesome!

Kyle - Gorgeous wedding Ryan. Every emotion perfectly captured.

Anton Chia - Awesome creativity all round Ryan! How do you stay so productive? That super wide venue shot, is it a stitched composite?

Brad Ross - Awesome job capturing such a stunning venue. That ceiling is something to stare in awe at.

michele bowman - what a gorgeous wedding!! i would love to be a part of something like that one day! great job documenting all the fun and love!

Jakob - All quality, dude. As always.

Becca Dilley - Humbling-ly well documented – laughing candid moments, stunning locations, emotional quiet moment. Wow.

Preston - Way to get down and catch the angles of the kid dancing. You’re a beast! Well done as usual.

Natalie - Love the blending of Chinese and Indian traditions! Such a beautiful wedding!

megan noonan - Holy cow! The shot with the red backdrop is AMAZING!

Nessa K - I can’t help but want to comment on how beautiful the colors are. These photos are breathtaking, Ryan.

Tall - Beautiful wedding and that chandelier eye shot is incredible.

Victor Saidov - Beautiful photos! You did great Ryan, as always! That location is amazing!

Darin Collison - Coolness. Really loved the shot of the bride’s hands around the groom from behind – beautifully see.

Thomas Lester - That shot of the chandelier (I think that’s what it is) with the window behind it is almost creepy, in a cool way. It looks like a great eye looking down on everyone. Great shot. Love the shot of the kid dancing on the floor towards the end.

Jon S6 - Fantastic Ryan, love that portrait again the red background

Ulmer Studios - Dude the shot on the mostly red background is sick! Well played sir!

Joshua Gull - Love the red wall shot. Killer work Ryan!

Maj Gen Subash Bahl - Lovely photos . Have captured the mood of marriage festivities very well.Congrats to Ryan.

Max Barros - So much color! Such lovely pictures!!
AS usuall your wedding pics rock!