Claire and Johnny’s Central Park Conservatory Garden Wedding

Well this is a first — I’m blogging Claire and Johnny’s wedding during their wedding.

No, I haven’t revolutionized efficiency. Claire and Johnny are celebrating their love tonight with friends and family in Scotland, but beforehand they travelled to New York City to get married in an intimate, beautiful day — with nine people! It’s been a long time since I spent a full day at a wedding with fewer than 10 guests, and while I love the energy of large weddings, there is something really special about being able to get to know every person there.

After a ceremony at the Central Park Conservatory Garden, they finished the day with a yacht ride around southern Manhattan, and we couldn’t have had a better day for it. It felt like a great day among friends more than work — possibly because everyone, including the bride, kept taking pictures as well! On a night like this, who can blame them.

Congratulations, Claire and John — I hope you’re having the time of your lives right now.

sarah der - What in the world. This wedding feels like it was shot in a different universe from me–the cityscapes, the statue of liberty, the water, the yacht ride!!!!!! Unreal, and totally amazing. Such a neat thing for a couple to celebrate so intimately, and you are one of a dozen people there with them. So cool :)!!!!!!

Jason - Talk about pushing yourself – blogging during the wedding? Unreal, and I *love* it. As usual, utterly stunning shots and showing great connection with your couple. What a beautifully intimate day to be a part of. Rock on!

gabe aceves - Ryan, as always you knocked it out of the park. The Statue of Liberty images are insane!

Heather Nan - You really have the knack of bringing the sex out in shoes… incredible use of light throughout! The evening yacht ride images are out of this world.

Leah Muse - Love Johnny’s face as he’s looking at Claire! Beautiful.

Caroline Ghetes - Wow, Ryan these are incredible. Even more so that you blogged it the day of their wedding. There is something about that shot in the limo where she is holding his hand. I love her expression in it. Well done, sir.

adam houseman - Love that Liberty series… and the frame of the bride shooting the boys on the boat is killer. Super well seen Ryan.
Claire and Johnny, you two look stunning. Congrats.

Sully - Really great shots Ryan, as always. Love the Statue of LIberty shot

Toni - beautiful wedding. I love the night shots

mark carey - I really like your compositions! The last shot is timeless. Beautiful work.

Vida Carson - Wow, RYan! Great job on this wedding, I love the shot of them in the middle of Manhattan!

Lana - beautiful as always Ryan.

Lana - beautiful as always Ryan. I especially love the statue of liberty shots.

Lisa Novakowski - Besides being a gorgeous couple, they are really stinking cute to eachother, I love love the little looks and gestures you captured. What a beautiful day… and to be honest, your night shots with the city sky line leave me a bit breathless. Just stunning.

Deepa - Amazing as usual! I really love the ring shot.

Rochelle - Soft, pretty and so fabulous!LOVE!

wpd - Beautiful images! What a gorgeous bride in so elegant dress!

Ryan Chan - Ryan, you are just TOO good! My favorite has got to be the silhouette under the trees but seriously, all of them are just fantastic!

Christian Lee - Wow – amazing wedding, Ryan. I love both of the shots with the S of L in the background, and the anti-gravity shoe shot is mind-blowing. Killer work, as always.

Ashley Gillett - So many great moments captured. Love the kilts, the sweet look the bride gives her groom, and the statue of liberty photo with the string of lights. The last one is beautiful too, love the bokeh skyline.

Albert Palmer - Love that Brenizer method shot – incredible! Love that skyline too, what a great wedding.

Tyler Branch - the one of him holding the rings. love the light on that particular shot. really well done.

Steve Koo - I always love some of the little moments that you’re able to capture, Ryan- fantastic work as always!

Laurie Peacock - What a beautiful couple! What that the reception lighting or did you gel the flash blue? Lovely work.

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks! Laurie — that was the reception lighting, I placed it behind them.

McAvoy - such a beautiful new york shoot, love the lighting and compositions throughout the photographs. You captured the day so perfectly.

Mandi Nikole - Looks like such a sweet couple and looks like it a sweet intimate wedding.

david wegwart - Simply great. I truly love to see this caliber of work and some very creative use of lighting (yours or theirs).

ANTON CHIA - You inspires many with every wedding you shoot. Thank you!

Flower - The bride is really very gorgeous and she looks stunningly beautiful in the dress nicely captured memories are really appreciable.

Gemma Butterly - claire this is stnning. looks like a fairytale! wishing you both all the happiness!