Cindy and Sharvin’s Studio 450 wedding

It takes a brave and cheerful couple to brave Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square on Fleet Week. Luckily Cindy and Sharvin had both qualities to spare. They’re the sort of people who are so nice that they make you nicer simply by standing around them — which is exactly what midtown Manhattan needs. They added their own touch to the Studio 450 loft space with elements both classic and personal, including home-cooked desserts from family recipes. And clearly their great attitudes paid off karmically, since they win the door prize for being my first couple with an outdoor ceremony this year where it didn’t rain! Nothing like a rooftop ceremony that looks out over such iconic New York structures as the Empire State Building, the New Yorker, and (if you look carefully) Ryan Brenizer Photography studios.



Gina - the colors, THE COLORS! I aspire very much, Mr. Brenizer to be half as awesome as you. *sigh*

Antony Pratap - Amazing shots! Loved each one of them!