Christine and Gaetano’s Tappan Hill wedding

I love shooting friends’ weddings. There are lots of obvious reasons, but also it just reminds me of all of the context that goes into our photography. When Christine makes a certain expression, I know “Man, that is so Christine!” and I give it photographic weight. My goal is always to get to know my subjects enough that I can take images that are “so them,” and walking into a shoot filled with history always gives me perspective to check my work.

Christine and Gaetano met at Fordham University, another place filled with history for me (and one of my favorite corporate clients), and I always love shooting ceremonies there. The reception was at the Tappan Hill mansion, a fantastic venue with literary history and the home base of Abigail Kirsch, one of NYC’s premiere caterers. So yes, the food was fantastic, and as a guest as well as the photographer I got to partake in all of it.

Yes, in the roles of friend and professional, I Uncle Bobbed myself on this one. But I promised to stay out of my own way.

David - Ryan, amazing work with your TS. I have been trying one for a while (85mm), but have yet to use it in work. Your images inspire and make me feel like jumping in with a few.

Thanks, D.

Jeff - I really appreciate your sense of photography…. Great locations, gorgeous people, and most of the above awesome pictures….. Great lighting, perfect color details… Nice work……

Joel C - Excellent night shot at the end.

Joshua Gull - The details and that last shot are especially stunning. Beautiful work Ryan!