Ali and Doug’s Studio Square Wedding

It’s hard to go wrong with a couple as smart, funny, and friendly as Ali and Doug … and it doesn’t hurt that Ali looks like Anne Hathaway, either. Their wedding at Studio Square had everything you need for a great time — good friends, family, a giant pig on a spit and a Lionel Ritchie impersonator. That’s a party.

It was a rainy day, but that didn’t slow us down at all — we managed to do an entire portrait session in Central Park with Ali standing in one spot to protect the dress. On my vest, actually, for total protection — full-service wedding photography comes with chivalry.


(Three photos in the slideshow by Erica Camille)

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - Anne Hathaway who? Ali makes one beautiful bride for sure! Amazing stuff like always, Ryan!

gabe aceves - dang ryan, great stuff as usual. but the kid eating his shoe is tops. moment junkie worthy :)

Cassie Rose - Incredible work, as usual. Amazing wedding, beautiful set.

yassef selman - estan geniales las fotos!, saludos Ryan.

Becca Dilley - Love the mix of silhouettes and abstracts telling this wedding story. Beautiful images again.

Josh Gull - Ryan my man, you always deliver. Something about those two shots on the street under the umbrella really set this off for me, but you captured beautiful moments all throughout the day. Fantastic work.

Albert Palmer - Love the one of the kid being thrown up in the air. Captures the atmosphere so well.

Joanna Day - Mr. Brenizer, you are amazing. :) Really loving the frames out on the balcony and the bride running with her dress trailing. Great use of back light, colors, and lines in the buildings.

ALMA - Awesome set!

Mary Sylvia - I think I must have stared at the fabric on her wedding dress for a good minute, I love how soft and luxurious it looks, the way you captured the light falling on it just shows how brilliantly the fabric drapes.

chic - That story makes me so happy! LOVE!

dude - Fantastic Work here! Keep up the great work!

Daniel - Crazy set, Ryan! The candid shots you captured are so good. I mean, a kid chewing his own shoe? WIN!

Max Barros - I love your silhouette backlit pics.

David - I love the running down the side of the building/house shot.

Stunning as ever.

Kyle - I feel like I’m always saying this about your brides, but she has amazing shoes.

Secondly, I can’t pick a favorite. Though of all of them I loooove the one with her dress blowing in the wind. And the one of the kid with the shoe in his mouth.

Thirdly, she really does look like Anne Hathaway.

Mandi Nikole - Great images. The children are precious. Love the one of the little girl loving her baby.

Nessa K - The photos are all really beautiful, but the pantsless ring bearer stole my heart.

Dan - That single shot of Ali running with her back to the camera – that is gold. Love how you just do, and don’t conform. Awesome stuff Ryan.

mark carey - very very cool Ryan. Love your shallow depth of field. Not easy to get right.
Closing shot is fantastic.

Jerzy Modrak - A brilliant story. Love the portrait with the blue sky and the veil flowing in the air.

Mark Parker - Wow again! Love the little girl with the doll! Amazing that you thought to shift your focus that way. WTG!

Heather Elizabeth - Ok so you totally won with that photo of them both on their phones. So awesome.

ANTON CHIA - I am blown away by the reflections shot in the car. Thumbs up!

Timothy Kaldas - Beautiful storytelling as always Ryan. The shot of the two of them on their smartphones is fantastic. I also love the shot of her shoes. The shot with the reflection in the limo and the silhouette beside are both stunning as well.

Brianna Phelan - These are really beautiful shots. I love that even though it’s raining the bride is still smiling. And love the images with her veil blowing. Beautiful!