Ali and Doug’s Studio Square Wedding

It’s hard to go wrong with a couple as smart, funny, and friendly as Ali and Doug … and it doesn’t hurt that Ali looks like Anne Hathaway, either. Their wedding at Studio Square had everything you need for a great time — good friends, family, a giant pig on a spit and a Lionel Ritchie impersonator. That’s a party.

It was a rainy day, but that didn’t slow us down at all — we managed to do an entire portrait session in Central Park with Ali standing in one spot to protect the dress. On my vest, actually, for total protection — full-service wedding photography comes with chivalry.


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Claire and Johnny’s Central Park Conservatory Garden Wedding

Well this is a first — I’m blogging Claire and Johnny’s wedding during their wedding.

No, I haven’t revolutionized efficiency. Claire and Johnny are celebrating their love tonight with friends and family in Scotland, but beforehand they travelled to New York City to get married in an intimate, beautiful day — with nine people! It’s been a long time since I spent a full day at a wedding with fewer than 10 guests, and while I love the energy of large weddings, there is something really special about being able to get to know every person there.

After a ceremony at the Central Park Conservatory Garden, they finished the day with a yacht ride around southern Manhattan, and we couldn’t have had a better day for it. It felt like a great day among friends more than work — possibly because everyone, including the bride, kept taking pictures as well! On a night like this, who can blame them.

Congratulations, Claire and John — I hope you’re having the time of your lives right now.

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