Tara and Ramin’s Hyatt Regency wedding

Sometimes the things that makes a wedding day special aren’t what you expect. We’d all suspected a fantastic outdoor ceremony at the Hyatt Regency, with its fantastic view of the New York Skyline, but the weather did not agree with those expectations. So why did I have such a hard time narrowing down this post, wincing at every image I adored just a little bit less? Primarily Tara and Ramin themselves — fun, smart, and incredibly kind, not to mention (for the time being) my neighbors. And Tara has the sense of natural grace that wedding dress designers picture in their cloudy thought bubbles as they make their designs. And then there’s that skyline.

But it all comes down to the emotions. A lot of hankies were used that day, and there were so many deep bouts of laughter, the kind you can’t help but share in. I could fill half a wedding album with just the varied emotions of Tara and Ramin as they listened to speeches from her father, the best man, and the maid-of-honor. Congratulations, you two.

(I’m bringing back slideshows for the public until I change my mind again; in this case I’ve started to think about which images are best in layout format and which are best standing alone in a slideshow, so for the completeists just a note that there are lots of pictures that are in one but not the other, in both directions)


  • http://blog.joshlamkinphotography.com Josh Lamkin

    Man this is a great one. Love the third image, of that girl silhouetted in that chair. Awesome. The skyline with the Statue of Liberty is great too. And as always, awesome dance floor shots.

  • http://www.heatherjowett.com Heather J.

    The vistas breathtaking and so is the bride. Who doesn’t love a redhead? Well done Ryan.

  • http://enterrandolamparas.blogspot.com/ Catherine

    Amazing!! That cake has to be one of the most classiest and gorgeous cakes i´ve ever seen!

  • http://meettheburks.com Walter

    These are so good! I LOVE the silhouette of the bride near the top.

  • http://www.bridgetfrancisphotography.com Bridget Francis

    Stunning. The hands shot – mother of bride (?) and bride is beautiful as is the black & white portrait of the bride.

  • http://www.TabMcCausland.com Tab McCausland

    Really LOVE the 2nd pic of the bride black and white silhouette! Great job darlin I have not looked at your blog in awhile dude it is looking AWESOME.

  • http://www.lemontree-photography.co.uk Az

    These are lovely Ryan. I’ve never seen a shot of The Statue of Liberty from that angle before.

  • http://www.heatherelizabethphotography.com Heather Elizabeth

    You kill me man. Love the bridal party photograph. Killer set of images.

  • http://joannadayphotography.com joanna

    The light peeking out of the curtain in the bridal portrait is beautiful and so soft. love it! Also, the b&w dance shot in the slideshow about third from the end is my favorite. I just love the emotion, the composition, the grain, its fabulous. :)

  • http://Scottlawrencephoto.com Scott

    Can you tell us how you lit the bridal party shot? The light appears perfectly sculpted!

  • http://www.southcoastweddingblog.com.au/ Nora

    Nice work Ryan! Love to know your how you lit that massive bridal party shot. Couldn’t have been easy.

  • http://www.briandicroce.com/blog Brian

    Amazing! I was thinking in the same lines like Scott…How did you manage to lit everyone’s faces in the group shot in front of the skyline? Did you light them as a unit of group or for each individual?

  • http://www.dennispikephoto.com Dennis Pike

    It’s early and I’m very tired, so I’m short on words and cleverness. But really great work, Ryan.

  • http://www.aspectartsphoto.com/ Lisa Novakowski

    That is one classy wedding party photo and your night photos are stellar. Beautiful imagery of a stunning wedding!!

  • http://www.raemarie.com.au Rae Threnoworth

    U never fail to impress me! You’re so gifted at capturing the moment in a flawless manner… big kudos xx

  • http://www.sachinkhona.com Sachin Khona

    You’re a master of moments Ryan.. Great choice of music for the slideshow :)
    Beautifully done..

  • http://www.mariannetaylorphotography.co.uk/blog Marianne Taylor

    What a stunning wedding! Your work is so instantly recognisable, I love all the RB signature shots sprinkled in the story.

  • http://www.photocraftz.com David Wegwart

    Truly exquisite, I am in awe of your group shot lighting. I have to assume its a composite, but would love to know for sure. ??

    Best, D.

  • http://catherineannphotography.com Catherine Ann

    Stunning coverage! I love the silhouette of the bride with all the flower girls.

  • http://www.kelleewalsh.com Kellee

    Stunning wedding Ryan! Love that last night shot, so intimate.

  • http://jessicalorren.com jessica lorren

    you would. nice job buddy.

  • http://www.anna-rina.com Anna-Rina

    Love, love, love all the shots in this post. You nailed it all. Perfectly.

  • http://www.andybarnhart.com Andy Barnhart

    Love em’ all, but the one that stands out is the bride holding her (assuming) mother’s hands with all of their jewelry. Nice work Ryan!

  • http://www.thaotrinh.com Thao Trinh

    Wow, Ryan…you never cease to amaze me. You captured this wedding amazingly with your usual unique style, but I keep seeing you top yourself each time. So many inspiring shots, bravo!!

  • http://benjhaisch.com/blog benj haisch

    holy wow, Ryan. these are freakin’ good, man. what a great post.

  • http://jonaspeterson.com Jonas Peterson

    Great stuff, Ryan.

  • http://www.merwen.com Merwen


    For the group images with flash is a photoshop composing ?

  • http://markowphotography.com Julianne Markow

    Ryan, your work never stops amazing me. I can’t get over how beautiful the photo of the bride and groom in front the the city during the day is… and how perfect the lighting is for the bridal party shot. Wow.

  • http://www.irememberforever.com Heather

    I always love how your technical mastery never overshadows your sense of emotion in a photograph. You light to lift the moment higher, not to shine a spotlight on an empty shot. Wonderful, wonderful work- I especially loved the shot of the bridal party by the skyline.

  • http://www.ryanbrenizer.com Ryan Brenizer

    Thank you!

  • http://www.capturingfirefliesphotography.com Sarah King

    I am loving the use of reflections in some of your shots. That is what I am working on spotting right now. :)