Stephanie and Joe’s Grounds For Sculpture Wedding

Clearly fate smiles on Stephanie and Joe — every wedding I’ve had so far this year have had outdoor ceremonies moved indoors by rain, cold, or blistering heat. And it did rain on their wedding day … 30 minutes after the ceremony. So they got all the luck of folk tales as well as a gorgeous outdoor wedding at the incredibly cool Grounds For Sculpture, a wide area where sculpture is integrated into not only wide park areas but also the surrounding town.

It also is apparently home to a family of some very tenacious peacocks, who I feel were the mascots of the wedding in sort of a “groundhog-from-Caddyshack” way.

Stephanie and Joe were awesome; the wedding was touching, fun, and crazy on the dance floor, just how I like it. Congratulations, you two.


  • Stephen Field

    Superb collection. I have to say that the tree-lined path shot is possibly my favourite wedding shot EVER! Magic!

  • jeffrey chan tin

    I can’t believe no one invited the peacock!

  • Amber

    Holy cow – that treeline shot is *amazing*!!

  • Heather

    These are beautiful. That tree-lined path shot is so killer!!

  • Becca Dilley

    Damn. You have captured the whole wedding with a true painterly feel – A little Degas in the tree lined path, a little Money in the ceremony, and perhaps a touch of Dali in the dancing.

  • Becca Dilley

    Ha, that should totally read “Monet”. I guess it is money as well :)

  • Jim Murphy

    Great stuff. Love that black and white treeline photo. Amazing work as usual. Also some fantastic dancing photos.

  • Luis

    That’s crazy good work Ryan. All I could think for a bit there was “PIPSQUACK!” Gorgeous couple, fun family and friends and uber cool location… what else could you ask for? Thanks man.

  • Porter

    uggghhh ryan those shots in the trees are freakin GORGEOUS! also that peacock is hysterical

  • Laurie Peacock

    Those peacock shots are fab. :) That black and white portrait of the bride at the beginning is breath-taking.

  • Anton Chia

    Ryan are these BW pics from the BW preset you spoke of? They look really great. The tree line shot totally does it for me. Thumbs high up!

  • Alex Singh

    The eye contact from the Bride in the black in white one is hot. Beautiful!

  • Kellee

    The misty shot amongst the trees…wow! And the peacock, hilarious!

  • ALMA

    Nice one Ryan! Love the Brenizer method frame.

  • shyann

    Amazing work Ryan! :) I looove that couples shot in the trees!

  • Shella

    Wow, that one of them amongst the trees is wicked!

  • Natalie Franke

    That image with the rows of trees is honestly breathtaking. Wow!

  • Max Barros

    Awesome pics as usuall Ryan… I start to think you cannnot get these wrong even if you tried

  • Two Ring Studios

    Stunning as usual. That Brenizer method in the trees is sick!

  • geneoh

    163 is amazing.

  • Victor Saidov

    Amazing work as always! The ring shot is to die for!

  • Joel

    Wow! Awesome photos, really capture the moment!

  • audrey headley

    Love everything about this wedding, nice job all around!

  • Tenielle

    Black and White in the trees…..swoon. Ok Color in the trees swoon as well. Brilliant job as always Ryan! P.S The peacock looks like he feels left out….

  • Alex

    A peacock, a smokin’ hot b/g, and a truck-load of amazing images. Yup, looks like a pretty standard Brenizer affair.

  • Darin Collison

    Beautiful work An amzing combination of clever candids and gorgeous portraits.
    And probably the most hilarious dancing shots ever – they rock.

  • roberto

    great set of photos and looked like an awesome wedding to have shot! nice faces on the dance floor too.

  • Zak

    That shot of the bride and groom in the reflection of the pond is AMAZING! Love this set; killer work as always Ryan!

  • Mercedes

    So super! I love that shot of the gentleman patting the sculpture plus that pointy finger. The emotions just shine. Awesome.

  • Anna-Rina

    Suh-weet! Looks like one of those weddings where everything just falls into place :)

  • Sarah King

    Oh wow, what a great wedding! I love your creativity. :)

  • Christa Donald

    Great work…the picture of the couple amongst the rows of trees is GORGEOUS! And this wedding looks like it was so much fun! Your photos had me wishing I had been a wedding guest!

  • Melody Coarsey

    You are very talented! Awesome! Love the pic between the trees…and the peacocks. :-)

  • alyda

    incredible work rb! that photo of the peacock looking through the window made me giggle for ages :D

  • Ginger Rogers

    I’m loving the peacock following them around, then peeking through the window!!! :)

  • Ulmer Studios

    The shot in the tree-line is sick!!! Love it!