Maly and Craig’s Metropolitan Building Wedding

Even though I only met Maly in person after she had already booked me, and didn’t meet Craig until the day of the wedding, I’d been looking forward to this wedding for years.

My girlfriend, a fantastic modern dancer who performs at the Metropolitain Opera among other places, can spot dancers as they walk down the street. We’ve been at a restaurant, and the waitress comes up to our table, and she’ll ask “Where do you dance?” After this long in the industry, I like to think I can look at people and say “Man, they are going to have a fantastic wedding.” And it has almost nothing to do with income — it’s about love of life and family, vivaciousness and creativity. And when I saw Maly’s work through mutual photographer friends, I knew she had that in spades.

For a long time, I did not know that she had also admired my work and that, even though she knew countless photographers (a third of the wedding guests were photographers in some capacity), I was her pick for the day the awesome wedding would finally come.

And man … I was right. There’s nothing to say about this wedding that won’t use an unseemly amount of exclamation points. Every element they filled the fantastic Metropolitain Building with was carefully hand-made, including the stunning cake made by Maly’s mother. Even though these are the most detail shots I’ve ever posted, I’m actually holding back most of the detail awesomeness, either because they should be published in a new-bride-oriented blog or because I want to horde them for myself so I can shamelessly rip them off when I get married. But also because every moment of the day was as filled with life and joy as the couple themselves.

Look at the pictures, watch this cinematic trailer by the great videographer team at Three Ring Media, and try not to fall in love with Maly and Craig. I dare you.


Anton Chia - Ryan I had been following your work for years and I must say I really like this wedding you shot! Awesome as usual!

Albert Palmer - Beautiful use of light RB – and that looks as though it’s a great location. Some very atmospheric work there. I could imagine seeing this laid out beautifully in an album.

Kristi Wright - Ryan, these are amazing. I love all the sweet and fun moments you captured. Your clients must be in love with their photos! So hard to select a favorite but I do love the b&w shot of the b&g in the hallway of mirrors.

Shella - OMG what a seriously cool wedding! Love it x 1000

Kat Braman - one of my favorites of yours!

Mike - Great work! I have to say those are probably the coolest flowers I have ever seen!

Max Barros - Great as usual… cool paper flowers!

Sam Hurd - uh yeah… this is a win. incredible.

Dennis Pike - so good, Ryan. Those portraits are insane. seriously great work. You have to learn to spot a photographer by the way they walk in order to keep up with your girl.

Jashim Jalal - You’ve outdone yourself here. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I want to see more of this fun wedding!

andy stenz - ryan – you.are.amazing. this wedding is fantastic. i loved seeing some of these images on your reviews of things (x100, etc) and it’s so fun to see it in context now. wonderful job!

Caroline Anne - Two words.
Ryan phase.

Dan - Class work, love it!

Brittany @Christine Foster Photography - What a great post! very interesting and informative, thanks a lot for sharing wonderful and inspiring post!

Cassie - This is such a great wedding! You captured some really special moments Ryan! I just keep looking at them. Great job :D

Heather Elizabeth - Oh my god. These photos are amazing. Ryan you killed this.

Jason Burns - Ryan I am in awe at the moment. Those are amazing!

Alan Langley - Absolutely stunning – think I will put my camera back in its box. The lighting in the getting ready shots is fabulous then we move on to an amazing mix of fun and emotion. So many favourites… but I love the one of the little flower girl crying on the floor. Must stop typing and have another look at the pictures :-)

Matt Stanton - Beautiful Ryan. Seamless lighting, emotion, fun and beauty!

ANTON CHIA - Revisiting this post again to feel inspired. Inspirational recharged! Thanx Ryan!

Matthew Evans - What a journey! Love the hear no evil speak no evil see no evil photos which came out of what looks like a crazy dance! Brilliant work Ryan.

Zak - Amazing work, as always Ryan! Everyone looks like they had a blast!

Luis Godinez - This wedding is all kinds of winning. Love the bridal portraits w/ the warm light on her and blue ambient background. :D

Amber Hughes - Your work never ceases to amaze me Ryan, but this wedding is especially incredible. Your use of light and location is incredible, but your ability to capture real moments at the same time blows me away. Fantastic work!

Trevor - Just amazing! An inspiration.

Josh Mitchell - Great work as usual. I love the shots with the wall of mirrors.

Matt - Amazing pictures. there looked to be a huge amount of fun had at this wedding, great to see!

Tall - I love this x100 (get it?). But seriously, great moments and compositions – always next level stuff.

Kellee - What an awesome wedding! The ceremony looks like it was great fun, great work capturing the emotion.

jessica lorren - Ryan. This wedding looks like so much fun and I freaked out over those two shots of them in the mirrored hallway. holy wow.

Michael Brown - Every now and then we are lucky enough to get a stunning couple, that just go all out to have fun at their wedding, it makes for great images. This is most definitely one of them. Great work Ryan

krishanu - muuuhaaa…lov them all..its richness in colour.

Heather - You really hit home with the emotions through. The humor, excitement, and anticipation… wonderful!

Sarah King - Just stunning. The way you capture light is unique and inspiring.

Natalie Gibbs - What a beautiful set! Definitely one of my favorite wedding of yours… the lighting and the colors (and the couple!) are gorgeous. I adore the black and whites. And that flower girl is cuuuuuute.

Jack Bates - Ya…that’s how I remember it…it was THAT cool.

Kathrin - Oh my goodness! This is ART! Amazing.