Jen and Scott’s Mayfair Farms wedding

I’ve already told you that Jen and Scott were fun and fashion-forward, but I’ve been itching to show you the full scope of their great wedding at Mayfair Farms. I want to tell this story solely through pictures because it’s a little different for me — with rare exception, as a rule every photo I post to my blog are ones that I took, because I don’t want to show potential couples images from someone who might not be at their wedding. But Sam Hurd traveled up from D.C. to shoot this wedding with Erica Camille and I, and there are a few pictures from both of them in the mix — because they rocked it, because the structure of the day and ceremony meant there were places I simply couldn’t be, and because with five different cameras it’s way too complicated for me to sort them out. I absolutely had a blast running this team, seeing certain moments from multiple angles like Matrix bullet-time.


Brian - Wow. Just W-O-W. Is that even a word? I don’t know. Beautiful pictures, Ryan!

Sam Hurd - hahaha, matrix bullet time indeed.

Fer Juaristi - Beauty on every frame bro.

fotograf nunti iasi - I really like the photo with the rings and the 3D like rendering in the one with the garden. It inspires me. Thanks’

Scott Battaglia - You, Sam, and Erica did a phenomenal job! I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

nadine - Ryan, I love how you can make simple shoes and little greenery look like art. The black and white photos of the trees are my favorite.

Kellee - Love the night portaits!

Laura Burlton - I don’t know who took which, but these are all beautiful. I love the portrait of ( I assume) the grandmother in the doorway, the rings on the stop watch ( who carries those anymore? awesome) and especially the colorfully lit portrait almost at the bottom where he is stealing a little kiss. Beautiful.

Caroline Ghetes - I love how happy couple this couple seems to be. Such beautiful smiles! That black and white night shot is pretty sweet. And that last one is killer too. Nice work!

Paweł Słowik - great wedding photos, lot of love and joy

Amber - Absolutely gorgeous. The detail shots are perfectly executed and, as always, the “brenizer” shots are fantastic.

Natalie Franke - Wow! This is amazing! Stunning images!

Preston - Another flawless Brenizer wedding. Congratulations to Jen and Scott.

Sally Watts - Oh wow.
That sewing shot. Stunning.
I scrolled back up to look at it 3 times before I could even get the end of the blog post.

I also really love the shot of the candles at the altar. Very romantic image.

Ashley Gillett - Love the b/w of the couple kissing outside. So pretty. You did an amazing job capturing the emotions and the fun of the day. Love the sneaky ones in the photobooth. Too cute.

Becca Dilley - As always, you covered a beautiful balance of spontaneous and structure for this wedding. What really strikes me about these is the moody (especially B&W) images – great additional texture to the day.

Heather J. - Bride sitting on stair black and white wa-wa-wee-wa that is amazing.

Johanna - What a fun couple they must have been to photograph! And once again, you’ve captured this wedding perfectly – the fun, the emotion, the details. Beautiful :)

daniel stark photography - ryan, these are great-the moments you capture are priceless. nice job, dude!

Shella - Love the dancing pic showing only the bride’s eyes, such dreamy feel to it :)

Laszlo Bodnar - Elevenphoto - i love you style, and your great timing to capture the moment. i hope you will come to hungary someday for workshop :)

Robb Duncan - You guys DID totally rock it!! Well done, awesome images!!

Steve Koo - Fantastic work, as always Ryan! Love that last night portrait!

Jared Tseng - Love everything about this! Superb coverage.

Mark Kalkwarf - The way you seamlessly work in so many different lighting situations is quite amazing. You have really mastered light.

Brandyn Fidel - I always look forward to your reception party pics!

Erkin - I am stuck at the b&w trees shot as well. I keep going back to look at it. Is it infrared?

Ryan Brenizer - Nope, just low-light with a distant floodlight and converted to B&W.

Heather - I love the texture your photographs have- not just in the style of processing, but in a deeper sense. Like the lighting, the composition, the posing… it adds up to something bigger than what I can see. I feel like I can experience your work with more senses than I actually can. Stellar.