Isolated Love

RKB 8413 45 images pano

This is just about as extreme a “Brenizer method” pano as I’ll probably ever do, using sixty-two frames from the exotic 200mm f/2 to bring a three-dimensional feel to a nice day in Central Park. Lauren is part of the great wedding planning team at Private Receptions, so I figured I’d swing for the bleachers. More from this session coming soon, as well as a full review of the 200mm. According to Brett’s calculator, this ended up functioning like it was taken with a 60mm f/0.6 lens. The original is 150 megapixels, and you can count their eyelashes.

Lens: 62-frame “Brenizer method” panorama with 200mm f/2G VRII
Camera: Nikon D3

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  1. Wow, I’m just sitting here trying to think how to actually display that at full resolution. I’m thinking a fine-art inkjet print around 30×40 at ~500dpi.

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