Kruti and Gaurav’s Mahwah Sheraton Wedding

Indian weddings are awesome in a quite literal way — the community celebration aspect, the thousands-of-years-old symbolism of each ceremonial action, the color, the energy — everything is over-the-top. I’ve become quite experienced with their nuances, but in the end saying “Indian wedding” like saying “American Wedding”: there are so many varied traditions that there are always surprises I look forward to. The ceremonial Coca-Cola? Kruti’s entire family trying to sneak grabs at Gaurav’s nose while his side kept it protected? All of this added another layer to the exciting elements I’ve come to know so well.

But it was the couple that made the day truly great. By the time I photographed the wedding, I’d already shot their engagement portraits, their engagement party, and Kruti’s pre-wedding ceremonies, so I felt I knew them and their families very well by the start of the wedding day, and it was an absolute pleasure throughout. It takes a solid group of friends and family to stage an entire, 20-minute-long parody of Family Feud during the reception. Not for one moment did a little April showers slow this wedding down, as you’ll see below:


ayesha - winwinwinwinwin! your dance shots are phenomenal ryan. and this set had me at the first image – looks like it was such a FUN wedding! huge smiles everywhere. LOVE this.

Brian - WOW! Those pictures make me feel like I was right in the middle of their wedding and party. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on a job well done!

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks, and thanks Brian for the RT!

Jon Rouston - Beautiful set of photos, the pictures through the ceremony are so well seen, fantastic variety of angles, compositions etc. Dancing pictures are great as usual!

adam houseman - Superb set of images. Light, composition, and moment come together in so many frames. The shot of the guy dancing with legs crossed and snapping… freaking awesome.

Lana - SOOO many awesome expressions and angles and colors! Awesome party shots!

Joe Sanfilippo - From the first photo to the last, these are all awesome. I especially love the black and white portraits in the middle of the set. The reception shots look like this was one awesome wedding to be a part of! Killer ring shot too!

Luis Godinez - I’m loving the b&w image of the mom who is just about to cry. Amazing ‘moment junkie’ moment :)

Laszlo Bodnar - Elevenphoto - fantastc moments and emotions what you captured.
great. i like it :)

Jessica Schilling - So amazing, Ryan. Can’t even begin to pick favorites because there are too many, but the color and energy and emotion is just there in every single shot.

Jay - Sensational work Ryan! I like your unique take on Indian weddings.

Mark Quade - Holy crap Ryan!! I think this is one of my favourite weddings of yours. So much emotion captured. You my friend, are a master of your trade….

Victor Saidov - Your photos always inspire! Great job once again! You captured the day in a very classy way. Amazing work!

john patrick - Such wonderful images. I need to learn more about the customs so that I can understand why this wedding looks like so much fun. There is the very elegant tradition that is shown so perfectly as well. I love the formal portrait – just amazing stuff.

Caroline Ghetes - Seriously Ryan, these are ridiculous. And I mean that ever so much in the best way possible. The b&w image of the lady crying practically broke my heart. Great work!

Heather Elizabeth - Oh Ryan, you are such a light god. The colors in these are amazing.

Shell Bailey - You document the intricacies & the emotions so well. There is so much joy it these that it’s practically tangible- I always feel like I’m part of the party with your photos. Awesome work.

Trevor - Ryan you are my new hero. Thank you for sharing! Wonderful work!

Shyam - Amazing job Ryan. It was great to have you at the wedding.

Kellee - There’s so much going here it’s incredible. The colours, emotion…everything! Wow

Jared Tseng - So incredibly perfect!

Tall - Momentous! So great from start to finish.

gabe aceves - this is amazing ryan. i cant possibly see how this could have been done any better. so much color and emotion. you killed it.

Joel C - Great use of the available light and love the bokeh in the shots of the bride.

Nessa K - The word “phenomenal” comes to mind. Also “sogoodithurtsalittle”

Nathan Abplanalp - I’m so amazed at the descriptive and fantastic light that you achieve while shooting receptions. It has always been the hardest part of a wedding for me. How do you manage to get such great light?

Heather - Those are some AWESOME action dancing shots!! Fabulous work!

Kristin Samadi - The album cover of this Indian wedding brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful!

Ray Sheely - Fabulous. Exciting. Thanxk you for sharing.