Under the Bridge


Lens: Five-image panorama with the 85mm f/2.8 PC-E
Camera: Nikon D3s

Dennis Pike - very cool Ryan, I love the way the bridge frames everything

Two Ring Studios - Great use of tilt-shift. I like how you didn’t remove that posted paper on the right too. -Derek

Jeremy - Nice picture,so lovely!

Nikon Tilt-Shift review Part 1: On Camera Movements, And Trends in Photography » Ryan Brenizer — New York City Wedding Photographer - […] New possibilities First of all, a caveat: I know there is nothing new about being able to move pieces of your camera around for perspective and focal plane control — that predates film. And I know that photographers who have been using large-format for years will be slightly amused by discussions of the things that we can do with tilt-shifts the same way I feel about photographers who are amazed by this great new thing called film cameras. But it’s good to keep our minds open. The above shot was helped along by the high ISO capabilities of the Nikon D3s, and it’s a heck of a pain to stitch a bunch of tilted large-format shots together.. […]

Dylan Howell - did you use the shift to do the pano or move the whole camera? love it.