Something Epic This Way Comes

110312 194812 35mm f1 6

With the weather we had in March, the Ritz-Carlton had built-in epicness. 1/5th of a second, hand-held.

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s

Gabrielle - NICE!

Trevor - Hey, got a question. I know you use the Nikon D3s for wedding photos, but how many cameras do you typically bring? Also, which models and flashes? Awesome photography!

Ryan Brenizer - Hi Trevor! I generally bring two D3s’s and sometimes give my assistant my second backup, which is a D3. I bring three SB-900s.

Trevor - Hey Ryan, thanks for the info! Do you bring the two in case one fails and also for easy switching between lenses?

Ryan Brenizer - Yup!

Cavanagh - Great work to shoot this handheld. You must have really steady hands ;)

fotografia 360 - Amazing sky