Through a Sea of Bubbles

080202 171529 55mm f3 2

Man, I’m glad I went in the wayback machine to feature this wedding on — I had completely forgotten about this picture, and I dig it. You never know when you’ll come back to one day’s b-list and see it in a new light.

People who know my portfolio will probably recognize the shot I took immediately after this.

Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8
Camera: Nikon D3

fotograf nunta - Nice blue bubbles; with the yellow background looks awesome. :P

Joseph Yarrow - Even though I’ve never seen this picture, I knew what followed.
Great work Ryan.

William Skrainski - I think the one after was an award winner…no?!

Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Glad you went into the wayback machine. Love this image!

Krzysztof Ziętarski - Great shot! I’m very glad I found your blog! I’m gonna track you since now! :)