Stefan and Sabine are married!

110302 161809 85mm f11B

I know, I missed the Photo of the Day yesterday, but that’s because awesomeness was happening. First, I can unveil the location of my 3/18-19 workshop in LA! Both days will be in a gigantic studio at the very hip Brewery Artist Collective. We’re going to have lots of room to play around and have fun, indoors and out.

But even better, I did a portrait shoot yesterday with Stefan and Sabine, who were fresh from getting married. Even better, no one knows it yet, and the way that their friends and family are finding out is … this blog entry! That is such a cool idea, and all I can say is congratulations to a couple I had a wonderful time with.

I literally shouted with joy when I took this shot, because there was a great deal of luck involved in getting it to come out this way. Stefan, who knows a lot of my history, assumed that I had broken another piece of equipment.

Because of their awesome idea to announce their wedding right here, here’s another photo as well. I love working with photographers — as soon as I pulled out my 50mm, Stefan said “Oh, it’s freelensing time!”

110302 174441 50mm f1 2

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: (Photo 1) Sigma 85mm f/1.4
(Photo 2) Nikon 50mm f/1.2 (freelensed)

Eric Kotara - Love the freelens! Well, they are both sick shots actually.

Brandyn Fidel - WOW How many trys did it take for you to get them perfectly in the cab window?

Nick - That first shot is PHENOMENAL!!!

Elissa - That taxi shot is stellarrrrrrr!!

Nessa K - That first shot blows me away.

Stefan - Thanks so much for these fabulous shots! It was a real pleasure to have you taken our wedding pictures. And thanks for the honor to show even two pictures of the day :)

Ruth - Holy jeez, another smash hit, Ryan! What an amazing shot! Congrats, Stefan & Sabine :)

Claudette - Awesomeness indeed!

Johannes - hi ryan,

thanx for taking such great photos of my good friends stefan and sabine! what a big surprise!!! :-)


petra und henning - euch beiden von skandinavien aus die besten wünsche!

(ihr schlingels, ihr..!!!) : )))

frau.dinkel - i go grazy!!!! i know these wonderful people – i’m speachless…

love and hugs from berlin!!!

Albert Palmer - You’re a mofo genius! That first shot is epic. I know it’s not the gear, but the fps must have been pretty helpful.

Lynn - nice to see that you get those reactions too to a nice shot. seriously, jaw was to the floor when i saw the opening shot. what a bangin’ way to announce a marriage.

daniel stark - so awesome! congrats to them! and great photos!

Daniel Dunlap - That cab shot is unFREAKINbelievable! SICK!

benny - this blog entry…?!? wow! großartige art (and sweet pictures) dieses der welt mitzuteilen!

herzlichen glückwunsch aus ham… ääh grad berlin. und alles gute!

ps: nach der überraschung könnt ihr auch noch verkünden, wieder fleisch zu essen. und zwar mit einem foto aus dem burger joint :-D

John Elrod - Speechless. I’m speechless.

Marcus Schneider - Schöne Überraschung! Ich wünsche Euch das Beste.

nadine - Ok, what magic did you do to make the cab move at the exact right time??? That is a freaking great shot.

Kiki - Brilliant shots! And heartfelt congrats to Stefan and Sabine – you rascals! :-)

Joel C - Another awesome set.

Curi0us - Great shots indeed! And congratulations to Stefan and Sabine from Hamburg!

Cem - Yo! Taxi! Awesome Pic! Congratulations on your wedding, Stefan & Sabine! :-)

Sally Watts - Oh for heaven’s sake, Ryan.
OK, that cab shot proves it. You’e superhuman.

Ronny - Von mir auch alles Gute und die besten Wünsche. By the way, the taxi shot ist awesome…
Ronny (Hamburg)

Klaus - Hallo Stefan,
wir kennen uns nicht persönlich aber auch aus Bochum alles
gute für Euch zwei.
Mir gefallen deine Photos und Kommentare / Erklärungen sehr.
LG Klaus Drews

Johanna Hietanen - Wow, that first one just got on my favorite shots of all time list! Awesome :)

Jee S - Any reason you used a Sigma f/1.4 instead of the Nikon f/1.4? How does it compare to the Nikon 1.4d and 1.4g? Awesome pictures!

Ryan Smith - Great idea, I don’t know how you were able to catch that.

Fer Juaristi - Dude, pic No.1 is a killer!

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you!

Matilda - Ryan, the first picture is absolutely stellar. Great timing, great photographer, great picture.
Congrats to the couple!

Dipti - These are bokeh-liscious. I can’t wait to get my hands of a 1.4 85mm soon.

Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar - Amazing shoots… both od them! Congratulations Stefan