Preparing to prepare

110118 191900 35mm f1 4

Man, I really wish more brides would get ready in hotel rooms at night. Lots of creative possibilities when you take the sun out of the equation. Bring on the 3 a.m. weddings!

I got a lot of my favorite photos of the night just from running light tests with photographer Lynn Michelle before the model even showed up. That’s how it works sometimes.

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s
Lighting: Lamplight and a Litepanel MicroPro brightening the background.

Hugo - I love this picture of Lynn. She’s my favorite.

Sândalo Jhony Gomes - While we here in Brazil are sick of weddings at night.. We wish there were more day weddings. Bring on the day weddings! :D