Quick (but important) workshop update: Headed to the Brewery!

I’ve been keeping the locations of my March 18 and 19 workshop under my hat as I triple-checked details from 3,000 miles away. Now I’m happy to announce that our base of operations will be a 3,000-foot studio at the Brewery Art Colony in Downtown Los Angeles! This should be a great spot to play around in a wide variety of situations, indoors and out. More information here. Registration is still open, just e-mail ryanbrenizerworkshops@gmail.com

Please contact me if you need help with housing options (I know we have a lot of out-of-towners coming).

Stefan and Sabine are married!

110302 161809 85mm f11B

I know, I missed the Photo of the Day yesterday, but that’s because awesomeness was happening. First, I can unveil the location of my 3/18-19 workshop in LA! Both days will be in a gigantic studio at the very hip Brewery Artist Collective. We’re going to have lots of room to play around and have fun, indoors and out.

But even better, I did a portrait shoot yesterday with Stefan and Sabine, who were fresh from getting married. Even better, no one knows it yet, and the way that their friends and family are finding out is … this blog entry! That is such a cool idea, and all I can say is congratulations to a couple I had a wonderful time with.

I literally shouted with joy when I took this shot, because there was a great deal of luck involved in getting it to come out this way. Stefan, who knows a lot of my history, assumed that I had broken another piece of equipment.

Because of their awesome idea to announce their wedding right here, here’s another photo as well. I love working with photographers — as soon as I pulled out my 50mm, Stefan said “Oh, it’s freelensing time!”

110302 174441 50mm f1 2

Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: (Photo 1) Sigma 85mm f/1.4
(Photo 2) Nikon 50mm f/1.2 (freelensed)