Monthly Archives: March 2011

The reviews are coming! The reviews are coming!

I’ve gotten a lot of good response to my equipment reviews recently, and the camera geek in me loves doing them. I still make more than 99 percent of my income and get 100 percent of my passion from actually shooting for clients, though, so they can get lost in the shuffle. I have lots […]

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The Moment of Shock

It’s safe by now to reveal the couple in this photo. I love when I get hired to photograph the moment of a proposal. It’s fraught with such incredible emotion … and I get to use my best ninja skills. Here, the set-up was an incredibly romantic dinner date at the Metopolitain Museum of Art, […]

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Swimming with the Fishes

Please allow me a moment of tourist photography here. Wendy and I went down to Atlanta for about 36 hours in a quick “before the insanity comes” getaway. While the goal of finding some warmer weather utterly fell to 35-degree mornings, we did have an amazing time swimming in this very tank, including whale sharks, […]

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