Through a Sea of Bubbles

080202 171529 55mm f3 2

Man, I’m glad I went in the wayback machine to feature this wedding on — I had completely forgotten about this picture, and I dig it. You never know when you’ll come back to one day’s b-list and see it in a new light.

People who know my portfolio will probably recognize the shot I took immediately after this.

Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8
Camera: Nikon D3

Why this weekend in LA will be my best workshop ever.


just some of the awesome people who are lined up to be subjects

I’m leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow to begin on-the-ground preparations for this weekend’s workshop (which still has some spaces available!) and I’m getting more excited by the minute. Every time I go into a wedding, I say “I want this to be the best one I’ve ever photographed,” and I’m saying the same thing about this workshop. I want it to be the best one I’ve done yet, and I think it will be.

Why? Well, first, the people I have lined up to photograph are guaranteed awesome. I love that I can have a workshop halfway across the country, and still have wonderful clients who live nearby. And once again, even across the country, the models will be people I’ve worked with and know well. No random Model Mayhem-ers with their sky-high flake-out rates.

Also, the place we’re at — the Brewery Art Colony — is absolutely phenomenal. I’m excited just to shoot there, workshop or not.

Most importantly, though, I learn more about how I can get across the things I do, and what other photographers want to learn from me, every time I do one of these. And I keep learning about the power of intimacy. I’ve made the cap on this workshop small enough that it should be the smallest workshop yet, even though we’ll have the biggest space to shoot in. I have some people flying literally around the world to come to this; and I want to be sure that the workshop is small enough so that each person who comes can feel that I really got to know them, could take the time to address their specific needs, and also get some time to shoot in this incredible space. You can learn a lot from paying a few dollars and going to a photography lecture, but I want this to be a lot more.

There are a few spots left for the last-minute indecisive folks. Friday night is starting at 7 p.m. with mingling and getting to know each other, not crucial learning — so there’s no need for people in the LA area to have to miss work on Friday. E-mail to reserve a spot!

Gianna and Sebastian’s Liberty House Wedding

None of the the chill and 60-mile-per-hour winds that a New York February could throw at Gianna and Sebastian could keep their wedding from being any less than a phenomenal experience. With a group of friends and family ready to truly live up to the name “wedding party,” they kept up to the energy of an eardrum-splitting party bus taking them from a gorgeous Catholic ceremony in Queens to the ceremony in New Jersey at the Liberty House, which has one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline anywhere.

The day was a cross of classical style and incredible energy, from a dress with gorgeous lace picked out in part by the bride’s grandmother, to the throngs letting it out on the dance floor. And at every moment, Sebastian and Gianna’s connection for each other was stronger than numb fingers and the February chill. Congratulations to a fantastic couple.