Gianna and Sebastian’s Liberty House Wedding

None of the the chill and 60-mile-per-hour winds that a New York February could throw at Gianna and Sebastian could keep their wedding from being any less than a phenomenal experience. With a group of friends and family ready to truly live up to the name “wedding party,” they kept up to the energy of an eardrum-splitting party bus taking them from a gorgeous Catholic ceremony in Queens to the ceremony in New Jersey at the Liberty House, which has one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline anywhere.

The day was a cross of classical style and incredible energy, from a dress with gorgeous lace picked out in part by the bride’s grandmother, to the throngs letting it out on the dance floor. And at every moment, Sebastian and Gianna’s connection for each other was stronger than numb fingers and the February chill. Congratulations to a fantastic couple.


Emma - Aphroditeswb - Fantastic pictures – I particularly love the ‘party bus’ shots!!! Amazing x

Joseph Yarrow - Best Wedding ever from you ever Ryan? Are you happy with them?
This is amazing, I love them all, you’re a brilliant story teller along with a general man of mystery.
That shoe shot…what the…?!

Fer Juaristi - What an amazing wedding bro! Killer coverage!

Sam Hurd - beer run in the convenience store is one of my favs so far this year!

Ryan Brenizer - Thanks guys! Fer — I’ll be preparing my images after lunch today!

daniel stark - loving your reception shots. nice.

ImranKhan - The Bride is looking very gorgeous, Dancing photos are very funny. All photos are nicely taken. Fantastic.

Dimitris Chorianopoulos - Amazing work Ryan, congrats!

Vitalii Kukresh - Photos in the city lights are magical. Amazing!

Steve Elmer - I agree with Sam, that beer run shot is ace :)

Jenny Meng - I was just cruising through enjoying all the lovely and funny shots and then – bam, sleeping flowergirl. Well played.

Rachel - Make Up Artist - Great Work!Amazing photos! I Like the last one:)

Matt - Beautiful pictures, your photographs have just got a style that screams class!

Daniel Krieger - Awesome shots Ryan looks like a great wedding.

Sally Watts - Oh, I love what you did with that gorgeous frothy veil. So many lovely, romantic shots.
And have to shout-out to dog resting his chin on the table. Brilliant and hilarious-my favorite combination!

Leroy - It is amazing how every single picture is properly exposed and always sharp