And Now For Something Completely Different

110302 171255 24mm f1 8

A little high-key fun with Stefan and Sabine. Blown-out, but lots of fun. Sometimes it’s worth it to try to make mistakes on purpose and see what you get.

Lens: 24mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s

Ademir Ribeiro - Recently a friend, also photographer, recommended your website for me to look out how beautiful and well done your work is done. I’m starting on this field, it amazes me.

Kyle - I took some similar high key experiment shots on the beach a couple weeks ago and I LOVED how they turned out. Sort of Max Wanger-ish but a little less deliberate. I really like your take on the style as well. But their blissed out faces still makes it a quality RB photo no matter what the technique is.

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you!