Michelle and Kunal’s Hyatt Regency Wedding

I call it the quickest renewing of vows I’ve ever seen. After Kunal and Michelle married each other in a beautiful Hindu ceremony at the Hyatt Regency, they changed, gathered their guests, and married each other again in a stunning Catholic church, before heading back to the Hyatt to party the night away.

And so this wedding had everything, from the gorgeous color and raucous energy of an Indian wedding — including Kunal’s processional on a horse — to the couple looking fantastic in Western style in the evening. Horses, Banghra dancers, fireworks … oh my.

As you might imagine, having two weddings back-to-back made for a long day, but people were having way too much fun to slow down, especially with Michelle and Kunal’s epic dance-off. I won’t say here who got served.

Wedding: Stephanie and Rob at TriBeCa RoofTop

It was a no-brainer that Stephanie and Rob’s wedding would be fantastic. We had a memorable engagement shoot, they had fantastic taste in venue, and it’s always a pleasure to work with the great planning team at Private Receptions again. But it was all of the little things throughout the day that kept taking things to the next level — Stephanie’s fantastic retro-modern style, an easygoing nature that kept both of them laughing even through the ceremony, and a great atmosphere.

People ask me how I stay energized through the physically and mentally demanding task of shooting a wedding, but with clients like this, how could I not?