Mystery and Melancholy

I spend so much of my professional life managing the thinly controlled chaos of weddings that it makes me want to take whatever chances I can get to exercise total control. Of course the problem is that I LOVE the chaos; I find studio portraiture relatively uninteresting. So I figured I could split the difference, bending existing locations to create pre-conceived scenery, even if it means my assistant and I throwing towels over half of the light fixtures in a hotel hallway.

These days, it’s easier and easier to take great shots of people, especially with a subject like Claudia, so I’m increasingly interested in photos that bring up the question “Why is this beautiful person in fabulous clothes here?” And whether the question is overtly answered or not, I want that answer to be something more than “because a photo was being taken.” I have some personal projects in mind that will explore this in-depth, but we’ll see when that happens — 2011 has again blessed me with lots of amazing clients.

The lighting in this one, like in yesterday’s photo, is using a very low-powered Litepanel Micropro as a main (here with a warm gel) and the light from a TV as the kicker/background light. It’s motivational light, making sense with the scene, and gone are the days when you had to fake TV light with bright blue-gelled hot-lights — now I can just use ISO 3200 and f/1.4.

Lens: 35mm f/1.4
Camera: Nikon D3s

Dennis Pike - I dismissed the lite panel because I know you’ve used that many times before. damn.

Jamie M Swanson - Me too Dennis. This shot is stunning as well, though.

Maria - and say it again: you are an amazing photographer! and an inspiration, so glad to learned from you and with the close eyes, I trust you in every advice (also recommendations of the equipment) you give me ;). Love from Mexico

AB Photo Studio - I love your photos. They are outstanding, great composition and colors.

Jashim - Brilliant. Love the composition.

Naz Tajudin - never stopped to inspire me! Brilliant control of lights!!

Serebryanyy - I like it!