9 thoughts on “Love and Skylines (Freelensing tutorial)”

  1. It’s very difficult, because you need to physically keep the aperture ring open or it will stop down all the way. And if you aren’t a lens hacker, I don’t want to be the one responsible for you breaking your lenses. ;-)

  2. It is a great little side way to photograph, no need to worry about dust or lens issues. just have fun! Thanks for the post Ryan, it is thorough like always :)

  3. Ryan, this is so pretty I love how free lensing really enhances such a pretty thing, like the bokeh. I only have a 50 1.4G, so I’ll have to wait to try this. Unless I can do the with a zoom? I’ll have to go back and reread your article.

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  4. I love your freelensing work.
    I’ve been trying to do this for a while, but never knew where to start
    This tutorial finally got me trying, and I’m really happy with the results. Thanks!

  5. It`s first time I see such a photos without using Tilt-Shift. Firstly I didn`t understand anything, because there were a info about 50mm f/1.2, so I started to google what does “freelenses” mean.
    After all, now I know)
    Good job, Ryen!

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