Monthly Archives: February 2011

More info about March 18-19th workshops!

I’m really excited for my upcoming workshop March 18-19th in Los Angeles — for the price of putting on a workshop in Manhattan, you can get some AMAZING locations out there! I’ve put together an informational page that will be updated as we go along, and I hope to see lots of you there! I […]

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Photo of the Day…

I have today’s Photo of the Day over on Moment, just to make sure that you all are reading Moment Junkie. Right? BACK TO TOP | CONTACT ME

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Alone in the Dark

Here’s another from my series I like to call “Well, I’m in Texas, let’s get some models and see what kind of photos we can make by tearing apart hotels.” (I’m not that great at naming collections.) Here I wanted to explore some different things in content and technique (which, of course, heavily relate to […]

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