Wedding: Jackie and Kee at the Venetian

Like most people I photograph, Jackie and Kee felt like they were not naturals in front of the camera. I hate to correct you guys in public like this, but boy were you wrong — and I’d already known that from the engagement shoot. Not only did their great relationship with each other shine through visibly, but they were so wonderful to work with. I kept saying to Dennis Pike and Erica Camille — who helped me capture the day — “Aren’t they nice? Man they’re nice!”

I could spot from the first few minutes of the reception that things were going to get wild on the dance floor, and boy did they — especially once they cannibalized most of the props from the photo booth we were running. A fantastic day within the gorgeous setting of The Venetian, filled with great people.

Joseph Yarrow - Ryan, great variety of images here.
I love that first image of her pouting and that picture of the boy and girl walking down the aisle is really something special.
Congratulations Jackie and Kee.

Joshua Gull - Great stuff as per the usual in here Ryan. Great moments captured throughout the day.

alyssa - The moments you capture with the children are absolutely precious. You are incredible, and an inspiration for sure.