Photo of the Day: Pure Grace

Pure Grace

Lens: Sigma 85mm f/1.4 — 15 image “Brenizer method” panorama
Camera: Nikon D3s
Light: LitePanel Micropro

I had a wonderful time teaching at the Digital Wedding Forum conference in San Antonio, and I got to do some really fun shoots along the way, testing out new gear for B&H Photo. Great weather, even better people. If you hate beautiful women, you might not want to visit the blog for a little while.

Wayne Yuan - Really beautiful shot! Did you get rid of your Nikon 85mm for the Sigma? Do you think it’s better?

Emily Porter - Wow. I’m speechless.

Steven Elmer - Holy Smokes Dude, this may be your best shot ever!

Ben Godkin - Wow! She really pops pff the background! Love the moody lighting! Wish I could have been there!

Brendan McGinley - Agreed. Pure grace.

Barbu - Ryan lost the Nikon 85/1.4:

But one man’s sorrow can be another’s joy; I’m sure that Ryan will let us know his impression about the Sigma. Planning to get one, as the camera brand lenses tend to skyrocket in price, even to the point that a professional photog must think twice if they’ll really use them.
A bit more detail: as an amateur photographer I wouldn’t even consider buying the „brand” f/1.4 lens; I was looking instead at the f/1.8 version, and then Sigma announced their 85/1.4; while it’s still pricy, I think I’ll get it if respected photographers (like Ryan) share a positive opinion; for now I’m on the fence, but eagerly awaiting mr. Brenizer’s review.

Chris Aram - Ah man! Sorry to hear you lost your Nikkor … beautiful work regardless! I love receding lines and lean on them too much myself ;-)

Joshua Gull - Yes sir! Great shot Ryan. Really shows the power of the panorama method.

haring - very nice! 85mm. great lens? yes! :)

daniel stark - holy crap! this is one of my favs from you! excellent!

sergio - I love this image so much. Great lighting, posing and her attitude is fantastic.

Chaba Vigh - This shot has an eternal feel to it, in a hundred years it will be still a great picture.

Ryan Brenizer - Thank you!